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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tabletop World Bulding of the Week: Mansion

 Happy New Year!

Managing to sneak in just under the wire we have the brand new Mansion from Tabletop World.

I've been running a building a week for a while but this monster took two weeks!  Actually the Holiday season slows me down for a bit but still this building is a LOT bigger than anything else I've seen from them.

This is an amazing model and makes a great centerpiece.  My main criticism is that the floors and, especially, the roof, fit very snugly.  The roof rubs the tower pretty good when being removed/replaced so I anticipate having to do some additional touch ups from time to time.

Additionally... things and processes that worked very well on cottages and town houses... even the  relatively large Coaching Inn became a big task on this one.  For example... a single window face has six to eight steps... a basic Town house has 5 window faces... the Mansion has 49!  ...indeed... 49... window faces.... there are some dormer windows that do not have interior faces... whew!
 For scale I've unearthed a Sigmarite Sister... a kinda scary looking one even... to stand in for scale.  TTW buildings are really designed around the 20mm square base metric so stairs, porticoes, porches, etc... all work out reasonably well (ie. model can stand/fit) while larger bases don't work in these areas.  The main areas work fine with larger bases but the fiddly ares... sigh...

 Our Sister seems to be searching the building... likely looking for heretics... or warpstone....shhh...

Each level is detailed inside and out... even the underside/ceilings!  For some reason this makes the completest in me unreasonably happy!
 I'm particularly happy with the green turret roof.  Looks like a lot of birds found it irresistible!

The spire is very very pointy!  I've magnetized it so I can , hopefully, refrain from utterly destroying it with a sleeve!
 Those same birds liked the chimney caps as well!

Interestingly the Mansion is a bit shabby and run down so it got a lot of mildew applied.  Not a single broken window but all manner of roof shingle missing... how very... odd!
 Now that this monster is finally put to bed I can get back to the immense pile of Raging Heroes!  Wave 2 arrived and that puts a couple hundred minis on deck.... I'll still be cranking out TTW buildings as I have several left... and hope to get the village set up for photos in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime Jailbirds will be cranking and their support vehicles have been ordered.  Some of those should start showing up in the near future as well.


  1. Hahahaha, I laughed when you were relieved a particular piece didn't have an interior bit. I have the same type of response sometimes when I've been working on a model forever!

    Your terrain pieces are really inspirational, and just awe inspiring. They are a lot of work, but boy are they amazing! Happy new year!

    1. Haha Greg! Awesome! Long projects make me a little crazy so I tend to break them up by doing several projects simultaneously... that way I can just shift focus for a bit and avoid the temptation to take a short cut just to move forward. For this one I really wanted to get it done by New Years so I 'pushed teh crazy stick a wee bit!' YEARGH!

      Thanks for the encouraging comments! It really makes my day to see someone outside my immediate gaming group is enjoying these pieces and helps motivate me to keep up a certain pace... which I REALLY need to do if I'm gonna make a dent in the backlog... >.>

      Happy New Year!