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Monday, December 15, 2014

Bretonnian Sorceress, WiPs and more!

Once upon a time this blog was almost entirely GW related. Certainly there were a few major excursions into games like Flames of War that had no real GW equivalent but here lately just about all I've worked on has been from Non GW sources...  I haven't even been using much in the way of GW paint.  I remain a dedicated fanboy of of all things Warhammer but the building insanity of the business side of the house has propelled me to investigate alternatives.  That turns out to be a good thing for me because WOW are some of the new miniature manufacturers putting out some inspired stuff!
 Today gets a nod to my roots in late 2nd and early 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles.  This a a Bretonnian mounted Sorceress from 1997.  Its not the oldest thing in my backlog but ....  yeah.

This was done as a holiday gift for a friend.  The bulk of my Bretonnians are still in a BIG box and I will eventually get them in the queue!

Since the figure is in an old style and reminded me of old woodblock icons I wanted to paint it in that sort of abstract style.  The rest of the scheme is simple and intended for tabletop use.  I'm getting inspired by a lot of the crazy freehand that is going round the painting circles these days so the next one might be more involved!  Curse you Brush Mistress! =)

She was fun to paint and my friend seems to like her so all is well!  I'm going to have to sneak a few more Bretonnians into my sequence!

  What a crazy week!  I'm all over the place on the workbench and will have to do a solid burst to get everything on track in anticipation of the Arrival of Wave 2 Toughest Girls in the Galaxy.

Here are a couple of pics of the Jailbirds Cruz and Punky in progress.  You can see some of the subsurface effects that will, hopefully, get smoothed out a bit later in the process.  I've also shamelessly swiped some elements of the James Wappel method to modify for use with my own style. 
What is this... from Croatia!

I'm not up to his level of work but I'm making steady progress developing my own styles.  Its easy to do when the project is as inspiring as the TGG has been.

 These continue in the refugee army theme and Punky is getting a few modifications to the banner pole.

 Tabletop World's amazing Mansion arrived yesterday!  Om Nom Nom!

There was some minor damage, easily... and seamlessly, repaired with some very thin super glue.  There was also a long crack in the accompanying Townhouse 1 model that was also repaired with the thin glue.  These things really like the glue!
 Below you see the full contents of the big box.  The mansion, two Townhouse 2, and the Christmas bonus sale Townhouse 1.  This is the way they look out of the box.  Cleaned and prefitted  for assembly then taped together with their small bits stashed inside and packed in newspaper.

 The small components are cleaned, prefitted and then bagged.  Look at the super sharp spire!  I'm thinking about doing the magnet thing to it might have a chance to survive the next move...

Here is the remaining line of Tabletop buildings awaiting their turn under the brush... although I juggled the line up when the Mansion arrived.  It, and one of the Townhouse 2 models, moved in front of the already primed Townhouse 3.  The Mansion itself is half primed at the moment... finishing that step today!

 On the Secret Weapon front... I selected the 6x6 Rapid Response kit as the light armored vehicle of the Jailbirds.  Its an amazing kit with a ton of weapon options!  It will also mix nicely with the general APC chassis that I'm looking at for the rest of the Jailbird light vehicles.  More on those when I actually pick some up!

Raging Heroes has mentioned working on some very light vehicles, in the recon role most likely, for the Jailbirds.  I'm thinking some kind of Mad Max -esque armed dune buggies that will probably be similar to the Tauros family from Forge World... which is likely where I'll go for the very light recon vehicles if RH doesn't get round to their own version.
... and then this happened!  Axis and Allies 1914... now we're off exploring WWI.  We added some play money to use for IPC banking instead of a note pad tally.  I really like how they set this up.  My one criticism would be that there is no 'Turn Sequence" reference sheet./ That would be really handy!

Finally... whew!  Ubiquitous Rat and I are back on the Serene Dawn RPG thang.  So I'll have to move a bit of the painting schedule back out of the game development space. More on that as it develops!

Build it!
Paint it!
Play it!


  1. So many goodies! Love the blues on the sorceress! I love james method, but haven't been brave enough to apply it to actual mini's yet, just bases! Girls are looking good as always...

    Man you have to have quite the town setup by now!

    1. Thanks Greg! The girls are still in progress as I got sidetracked by a HUGE building... its almost done so... back on the girls sooooon! I hadn't realized it but Jame's method is very similar, although much more organized!, to some techniques I'd been using for a while. Now to practice practice practice working in those cool ideas!

      The town is rolling along! Four more buildings to go... after the one I'm currently working so... five really! a graveyard.... and a stone mat... then pictures of the insanity! Not necessarily in that order =) Once 1914 comes down I'll set it up on the table and see what it looks like.

      Happy Holidays!