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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Polish 1 AD WiP

 More work done on the Flames of War Late War Polish.  These are intended to be from 1st Polish Armoured Division, 10 Brygada
Kawalerii Pancernej, 1 Pułk Pancerny, A Squadron and a couple of Regimental assets.

I've run out of small white stars for the flanks of the tanks so work will pause here for a bit and I'll jump over to the infantry component while I wait.  I also need to dig up or fabricate some Firefly turrets and barrels.

In other news I'm packing up the house and moving to Japan for a while.   The main impact here is that posts will be erratic for a few months while I'm getting torn down and reset.  Many of the larger projects will be pushed to the back burner in favor of things I can work on more readily as I travel.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Court of the Archon assembled

The Court of the Archon in its basic configuration is complete today with the addition of the Lhamaeans.  These last two models are single piece Finecast.  They were easy to work with and I've got another one in the process of being converted to alter the pose.  I have a few alternates to add in yet... a converted Lhamaean (just to vary the pose) and a couple of Ur-Ghul that will use the remaining heads from the Finecast kit but use another body... again for variety.

Moving now on wrapping up Greasus Goldtooth and prepping the squiggoths and a Forge World Vampire Hunter that I came across recently.  The Kabal is particularly keen to add the Vampire but it had been partially constructed and only retains the first page of instructions so I'll be a little bit sorting it out.  My primary concern is the engineering of a flight/display base for it as its not immediately clear how such a base would be attached.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dark Eldar Sslyth

I love scaly aliens!  The Sslyth were both fun and aggravating to work with.  They strongly resemble the old 3ed WHFB Chaos Snakemen which was nostalgic but, where the old snakemen were metal minis, these were Finecast...

The Finecast has great detail but on kits this articulated it was just plain fragile. 

Accidental contact with a sword or other protrusion resulted in the minis either catapulting across the room as the somewhat rubbery material behaves like a frail spring!   Just a little tap and the figure practically achieves orbit!  anything stronger than that and the limbs would just break... as the glued joints are actually sturdier than the casting itself the break would often be at someplace other than the actual join. 

An additional issue is that one of the swords has a stubborn curve in it which resisted my "working with resin" attempts to straighten.  It did recover from its letter "C" original curve to one that it much less eye catching but it was never fully corrected and so one of these fellows is likely to be a hazard to his mates!

The figures are also very light in the sense that they do not have sufficient weight to stand on their own except under ideal circumstances.  Since I've been playing with water effects for this unit I had the happy coincidence that the depth of water effect I've been using actually adds weight to the bases making these minis very stable! 

While I'm happy that they ceased falling over if looked at or, god forbid, brushed while moving a neighboring miniature I still have some concerns about their durability as playing pieces and their storage/transport survival rates.  On the plus side I do still have a lot of old metal Chaos Snakemen so if these don't survive I can always re-purpose some of those!   Who knows... maybe even a unit or two of mercenary Sslyth are in my future!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

FoW Polish I Armored Division WiP

Stepping...sideways from my work queue I decided to work on these elements of the Polish I Armored Division from the Late War period formatted for Flames of War.

I spent most of the day doing research and found a supplier for regimental vehicle markings in Dom's Decals.   The basic painting and weathering of the vehicles has progressed to the point where I'm just waiting for the decals to arrive.  I'll add some details while I wait and paint the bases so it should wrap right up once the the fiddly decals arrive.  Later this week I'll sort out the infantry and see if I can knock the project out and return to OGRE PANTS!

Other things on the table that have seen some progress are the Sslyth for the Dark Eldar which are in process of layering the water effects for the base.  They will be closely followed by the Lahmians... which should finish up the Court of the Archon for the time being.