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Friday, August 17, 2012

Setting up

Its been slow in the Swelterverse. 

I went to get in a pick up game last week and found that the box of Dark Eldar Vehicles was actually a Box of Chaos Daemons and had to do a quick search.... made of fail!  They vehicles are still on the MIA list.  I cooked up a list of the Chaos Daemons and headed out the the local game day at the rec center only to find that my late arrival had cut off the chance of getting in a game.  I did join and play a running board game of Lords of Waterdeep which seems like a good game and followed up with a game of Chaos in the Old World.  Between those games a Warmahordes game kicked up that featured some really massive individual figures many of which were either well painted or well on their way to it.  I love watching a game with painted minis!  The terrain was good as well, snow themed rocky hills and forests which helped display the minis.  Great minis need great terrain!

I laid out some stuff and went to open the box labeled "Paint and Supplies"  only to discover no paint or brushes.... grrr.  I'll need to open all the boxes in the hobby room until I win the paint roulette.  I have had some success in finding supplies like tools and magnets etc...  so I feel like I'm getting close!  In the meantime I discovered that one of the Dark Eldar boxes I have found has a fair bit of minor damage to repair so I'll need to spend a little time working on that before next weekend.

I've been stricken with Bursitis in both of my knees and hips which has pretty much KO'd me for the past week.  Unfortunately I'll miss this week's game session due to the ongoing pain. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Raging Heroes Blood Vestals and Gluttony first looks and some Bug repairs

 I love Raging Heroes, I really do.  Their customer service is phenomenal and I really get the sense that they care about me individually.  Their products have been impressive although the details have a softness to them that requires a bit more work to fully bring out.

My fist encounter with them was with their amazing Ashara miniature which came with enough bits to make the completed variant of your choice (Dark Eldar, Chaos, or Sister of Battle Saint) and then, with the addition of some plastic GW Dark Eldar torsos you could make 2 more figures or just use the bits around your forces to spice things up.  Each variant had significant differences in weaponry, a different head and a different backpack structure all wedded to a common body. 

 With that experience under my belt I was anxious to take a look at their new series based on the seven deadly sins.  They began with Gluttony done in SF and Fantasy versions.  I ordered both!  Today I finally got round to opening them up and taking a peek.

Sadly I was a bit disappointed.  The differences between the two versions were minute.  Basically a gem and some hose and a backpack/tank were added to the SF version.  No weapons, no alternate heads, the two versions are armed....identically.  Fortunately there is a fist that will easily take any number of cool SF weapons so the flaw isn't fatal.  Just not quite what I'd come to expect from there otherwise exceptional catalogue.

 Moving on to their Blood Vestals I was again impressed by the efforts of the customer service.  When they encounted a problem with the supplier of the packaging they sent out an offer to either ship in alternate packaging (which I did) or to wait for the regular package.   The alternate package looked very sharp and they packed all of my Blood Vestals (2 squads and a command squad) in the same package.

I also got what I was expecting from the figures.  They are single piece soft metal figures that are in dynamic poses and have no options.  There are 5 poses for the regulars and 5 command (although one of the command set is repeated from the regular squad)  they look very good.  I would have liked to see SF versions of these to use as Dark Eldar Blood Brides but I can convert them easily enough considering how many extra weapon bits I've accumulated on DE sprues.

These we so clean that I thought they must be pre-cleaned.  Only one figure had any noticeable flash and that was very minor.  I had thought to build these as fantasy Dark Elf but now I'm thinking I'll go ahead with the mild conversion and add the to the Wytch Kult.

Here we see a casualty of the Move.  A Stone Crusher Carfnifex from Forge World that I entered in the Golden Daemons for Games day 2010 (First Cut).  Needless to say I was unhappy that it was this particular model that took the hit but it really isn't a bad outcome for a move halfway round the planet! 

Easily repaired and back to devouring the universe!