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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Forward Base Unboxing

Just in time for the Holidays our Forward Base Kickstarter  pledge arrived from Antenocitis Workshop!

Which leads directly to an experiment with unboxing video ... and to a serious attempt to correctly spell Antenocitis! 

This was one of the Forward Base + pledges with a tone of extra stuff added into it... there are five forklifts for example... I really love these non militarized vehicle equipments for objectives and atmosphere, and a lot of different colors on the pre-printed MDF parts.

This Kickstarter had a lot of trouble mostly due to the loss, very early on, of the company's lead resin caster and some other serious health issues.  As a result its been about two years before delivery to the last batch of backers... which included us.

I remain very happy with both the quality of the product and the dedication of the company to seeing this project fully delivered in spite of all the obstacles they encountered.  Communication was excellent throughout the process which helps a great deal when things are not going exactly to plan!  We've since backed a few more of their projects and imagine we will continue to do so in future. 

I'll dig down on the individual sections of this as I continue to work my way through the truly massive size of this project.

 First up is one of the more interesting bits for immediate consideration is the "It's life Jim" add on which is primarily Alien Flora.

Dok Ork standing in for scale!  These fans are a really good size for obscuring LoS.
 There are two primary types of flora here... a thing that looks like a fallen log, or horizontal fungal tube, with big berries and an upright fan with spiky stamens and the big, juicy, berries.

 I'm really interested in the material Antenocitis Workshop used here.  Its translucent and rubbery.  I'm going to attempt to paint it unprimed, or spot primed.. I'll have to do some tests, and try to preserve a lot of the translucent material in the final paint state.

 So things like the Fans, other than the fringe and the base, and the bodies of the berries will get left raw, or maybe veined... hmmm... the possibilities!

This is a "Designed for Inifinty" product so a lot of scatter is included.  While I don't play Infinity myself I'm starting to get really interested in taking a look at it due, largely, to the great stuff that is being produced for it by third party suppliers under license, or with the specific consent of the IP owner Corvus Belli.  This is such a refreshing approach to IP development and product diversity.  So all of our tables can look, and be, compatible but far from identical!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Oi Ladz! Dat's me leg!

 Finally wrapping these guys up!  This was a project interrupted often due to a move of house from Germany to Romania... and I just got word that next year I'm headed to Alaska...  Yeee HAW!  I'm getting whiplash here!

 Anyway here are those fun loving Orks from Kromlech!  The Dok making certain that those lazy Grots keep him in a good supply of "spares" which the little monsters are quite happy to cop from fellow greenskins that might still be "using" them.. such is the life of an Ork physician!

The resin was hard but a little brittle giving good detail but don't drop them!

On the Kings of War front... Bevie can add this Dwarf Drill to her ever growing Throng!  The mini is cast in metal and has the rough-hewn look of the Mantic dwarfs.  The drill is purchasable with Mantic points so can be had as a side effect of building the army.
 As Warmachines go this is a tiny Model.  Based 25x50... same as cav.  But that does make it a bit more handy in maneuver as it scurries about the battle looking for a flank or rear aspect to harry.

Grind 'em up!

 Then comes some odds and ends to finish up a set of terrain and accessories from Tabletop Art.  These are resin and are really top quality.  Good detail and hardness but not brittle and takes paint well.  These will add great atmosphere to the Tabletop World buildings... once I get those unpacked... probably in Alaska! 
Next week I should finish up the Mantis Warrior unit from Raging Heroes and the Legacy Servitors from GW.  I've had good progress on them this week and am ready to start looking for the in line!

Oh... and I just got word that my Forward Base pledge from Atenocities Workshop is shipping!  I'm really excited to see that so... an unboxing of that *might* also creep into the queue...