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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  The Dark Eldar Reaper is assembled except for accessories like chains and spiky poles etc... and the sail!   I'm also going to add some edging and patterning to the rudder.

As far as the sail itself goes I'm thinking to put the Kabal logo in one of the three patterns and add the fractal white to that sail segment while the remaining segments could be solid black or red with bone colored spars.

The Steersman/Weapons officer ended up in Bone White Armor.  I have traditionally painted the Kabalite Warriors in a yellow scheme but the vehicle doesn't really need another color. I think that I'll run all the Trueborn in bone colored armor using a darker base color while crew will be in the whiter style and regular warriors retain the yellow.  Also in the scheme Incubi ar black with bone trim and regular wyches are red.  I'm undecided if the Blood Brides should just be red like the rest of the wyches or if they should be alternately colored in the same way as the warriors are.

This gives a more colorful Dark Eldar force than is usually the case and is similar to the appraoch I took with my Craft World Eldar.  In that case each of the aspects is colored in variations of their traditional scheme while the Guardians wear the Craft World's colors.  I think its a good way to remember that the Dark Eldar and the Craft World Eldar have common roots.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Confession Machine from Max Mini

 Today I painted up a Confession Machine from Max Mini.  The casting was very clean and the whole look of the machine is awesome. 

I elected to add this to the mythology of my Order of the Ebon Chalice.  The essential theme being that personal sins, up to a particular level, are authorized to be submitted for summary judgement at the machine.  Of course Heresy is a totally different story so the machine monitors confessions for heretical content and reports to the local Inquisition facility.  More development is in order but its a good start!

There has been some progress on the Dark Eldar Reaper as well and its looking to be finished this week although there has been a difficulty with the main gun body separating from the deck plate during, or after, I installed the upper gratings.  I had initially thought that the out of sequence installation of the upper gratings had gone without a hitch but not so! I'll have to carefully re-glue that and do some repairs along where the control pylon joins the main gun but these seem to be relatively minor hiccups.
Most of the detail bits and the primary crewman are complete at this point so I should be able to begin final assembly and touch-ups.  Except... I forgot that the enhanced aethersail is still primer!  fortunately that is the last bit to add on so it doesn't really impede construction.  I'm still deciding on an actual color, or pattern, for the sails themselves.   I will likely wait to make the final call on the sail until I get the rest of it assembled so I can see what needs balancing.

Since I've opted for a fairly clean look on these weathering is minimal so far.  It may be that I'll return and weather the lot of them together at some point.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dark Eldar Reaper details WiP

 Work proceeds on the Dark Eldar Reaper.  The prow plates for the gun are blocked in with basic fractile shapes and the Kabal Glyph.  These were all blocked in with Bleached Bone and will be re-coated and highlighted as will the mirror imaged glyphs.  The black armor plates will likely be edged in  Mechrite Red and then highlighted in Blood Red.  This vehicle looks like it will be a lot more red, or perhaps a lot less black, than the first generation vehicles but the colors should tie together well.
 The main gun is almost complete.  There remains a repair to one of the large gems that managed to dry with a portion of its dust cover touching the gem.  I should be able to assemble the main hull at this point and we'll see how difficult it will be to work the decking plates into position.  Fortunately the paint in the tight areas is unadjusted Mechrite Red so repairs should be relatively invisible.
More of Da Big Red WAAGH!  status markers.  This time its vehicle speed condition.  I'm closing in on finishing this set with only a large Waagh! marker and the infantry status markers remaining.  Then its on to the Dark Eldar Counter set.