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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Star Saga Doors

 Ok, I'm reasonably certain this finishes off the Star Saga Kickstarter Wave 1... its always nice to wrap up before the next wave hits but that so rarely happens!

Once I got into the swing of painting these I started thinking about fun times playing Borderlands... and the very cool art style they used for that game.  I ended up painting in that direction...  not quite as exaggerated as the Borderlands stuff but certainly leaning that way.
 I had a lot of help from the decals put out by Thor Miniatures.  These are the best water-slide transfers that I've used in terms of ease of application.  Just a little dip in the water and they are eager to slide off the backing sheet.

These decals are from the District 9 set except the bio scanners on some of the large doors came from a miniature eye set.

A couple of Star Saga minis for scale with the doors.  You can see the color stripes on the doors are the same as the navigation stripe colors on the bases of these models.  I actually used a third color of navigation stripe on a few of the models but elected to limit the doors themselves to two colors.

 The Borderlands theme elements are visible in the gray-green lining and the patchy edge highlights.  There is also a little targeted dry-brush on some of the panels to tie everything together without doing a full up dry-brush.... just adding some texture.

All the doors set up with some game tiles.

I just got a big shipment from Raging Heroes which looks like the final pile of minis from the TGG2 Kickstarter including the super amazing Altar of the Succubi!

I've got a couple of Lust Elves on the painting table at the moment which should get me in the right frame of mind!

Friday, June 29, 2018

A quick WiP kinda day. Some new starts and some winding down.

 Its been a busy week and the weekend looks slammed as well so I thought I'd make a note of where I paused...

The real final pile of the Star Saga Core set... the doors!  There are two of each style so I went with red-ish and blue-er... with the general idea that they correspond with the navigation lines on the mini bases. The lining still needs finishing and they are still due some decals and highlights.
The next batch on the desk include this assortment from the base coat tray.  Several 3D printed terrain pieces for Kingdom Death a pair of 3D printed doghouses from the Rampage Lost Islands kickstarter  and a coupld of Raging heroes Lust Elves.  On of them is about twice the usual height so should have some interesting spaces to work with.

So far they have just been sprayed with the base coat so there isn't a lot to show.

Off to the Air Show and then back to the desk!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Twisted! The Dickensians: Set 2

For The Dickensians: Set 2 I wanted to follow the spooky theme I established with The Dickensians: Set 1.  They turned out to be less festively patterned but with a little more Engine Energy color.  The two groups still sit well together so I'm happy about that.

First up is Ollyver... formerly a sweet kid, currently an Engine powered, rage fueled, behemoth.  I envisioned him almost literally bursting with Engine energies which I extended beyond his artifacts to his hand and face.  Some OSL to emphasis the energy of his bare hand as it crush/melts some unfortunate brickwork.

I added a fair bit of green-stuff artifacts to the base to help with his pose and give some energy to the hand impact.  This allowed for a more upright pose and a clearer look at the rage energy face.

Energies of the Engine here provided by Emerald Green (Vallejo(V)), Verdigris (Secret Weapon(SW)), Solid White (Reaper(R)), and Green Wash (SW). The Skin is a Malefic Flesh (V) over a Khaki Primer (Krylon (K)) layered with Natural Flesh (V) and spot washes of Flesh Wash (P3).

Nancy.. the wicked queen herself... I viewed her as a Twisted! Green Lady analogue akin to Poison Ivy of the DC Universe.

Her skin has responded to the corrupting energies by becoming more pale and translucent... quite unlike the darkling purple shades that the Urkin exhibit.  The real inescapable mark of her corruption however are the writhing, armored, tentacles that erupt from her knees...

I kept her within the limited color palette but omitted the gray and shifted the dark purple to a more violet ink.  Her clothes are the color of Engine energy layered with white from the Bone Triad (R).  I really like this model.. the combination of graceful and horrific are very well executed in the sculpt.

 Feygin... kinda struck me as the Pied Piper of the group... always inviting another lost child into the vile embrace of Nancy... and into the family of the Urkin.  I would normally have done the rats in gray and black to imply plague and decay but I had a hard time getting definition and opted for a less ominous, and more visible, scheme with golden brown (V) and Buckskin Pale (R).  This is also the color of his hat just adding more Buckskin Pale to lighten it up.
The pistol is fun and very Buck Rogers and Feygin also sports multiple energy sources.  His skin is also relatively un-scarred by the Engine energy as befits his recruiting role.
 The Urkin Shooter and Urkin Dragoon are up next.  The shooter has a supply of energy infused ammunition that his 'pet' clockwork squirrel seems to consume with gusto.

 The Urkin Dragoon has a blade seething with the vile energy and colorful crests in Nancy's favorite accent color to top off the faded glory of his military coat and trousers.
That brings us to a pair of Urkin Slashers.

One looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in a Plague Doctor's mask on the attack and the other like a rabid fat kid still snacking on link sausage while charging his foe... I'mma beat you with my lunch!
I *Think the next thing up is to finish the doors for Star Saga and get a few Raging Heroes models built... along with some 3D printed terrain for accents.

Back to the desk!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Bruegleburg: A Day at the Fair street performers, vendor, pan-handler, and a doxie

 These Lead Adventurers festival workers or street performers would be right at home in a European Medieval, Renaissance, or Fantasy setting.

They are the first batch I've done from the Bruegleburg: A Day at the Fair Kickstarter.
 These are traditionally sculpted and very nostalgic.  Filled with individual personality they were really fun to work on.  All of these are metal and cast as one piece... no fiddly assembly!

I elected to mount these on 20mm square bases to fit in with my selection of Tabletop World buildings.  I know most of the modern games are trending towards the larger round lip style bases but most of what I do is still on the old 20mm squares for human sized models.

 I think of these two as "The Gossips" they are fancy on a budget and their Fair Day costumes have seen a lot of wear and tear over the years.
The baker and the beggar... selling basic bread rolls and trying to ignore the panhandler this festival worker has already had a long day.

The baker's skirt in red and white stripes... its always tricky to paint patterns on sitting models.

 Here are a few pictures of the Fair as it winds down for the evening.

These cottages are the Tabletop World Cottage 2 and the "street" is the Kingdom Death Monster board.

 I'm still in the deep woods with the new camera and was experimenting with varying some light levels to get a nighttime scene.

The doxy propositioning the card shark....
 Panhandler working the jesters.

In retrospect the Kingdom Death street graphics make these scenes way more eerie than I had thought... maybe its an All Hallows Eve Festival?
The gossips talking about the card shark's rendezvous with the doxy.

The pumpkin on the bench is making the case for Halloween... just sayin!
Different light levels.

I'm really enjoying building up the collection of background personalities. They'll make great objectives in tabletops war games and great NPCs for RPGs.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Star Saga: Blaine, Monarch, Wrath, X-02-A, Dr. Lucias Koyner, and the Koris Mercenary Inkurphos

 This is the last of the minis for wave one finished up!  Woot!

Oh... I still have a dozen or so doors... but they are pretty close!

The good Doctor is an evolution of the science techie uniforms with the addition of some cobbled together extra mechanical arms.  His coveralls are more green than the techies but they are otherwise pretty similar,

The Koris Mercenary Inkurphos came without a character card due to a snafu.  The card will be included in wave 2.  He reminded my of the Vegepygmies from the old AD&D 1e module "White Plume Mountain"  so I went with some organic colors.  Mostly the Red Hair Triad from Reaper and some Sewer Water Wash from Secret Weapon (SW).
 The Organic Data Storage Unit X-02-A looks like its plant based but it reminded me of the floating jelly fish race from Mass Effect so I went a more electric direction with color.  This is mostly a wash with some artist inks and a bit of pure white added to the inks for layering.  There are some Verdigris (SW) tentacle/conduit things with a wash of Algae (SW).
 Enforcer ES-345 Code Name: Monarch.

I haven't really decided on a color direction for the Enforcers and, rather than agonize over it, I decided to paint an advanced adaptive camouflage system in action.

He's engaged the system and the suit has taken on the characteristics and colors of the floor.  The color stripe patterns are similar.

This ends up with a guy with a super cool advanced stealth capability... and saves me deciding what the overall faction will look like.  Bonus!
 The Star Saga KS incarnation of Blaine.

I started out doing him in a metallic armor but it was so drab looking... so I swapped into a grey and red scheme that I liked from an old Witch Hunter project.  Bounty Hunter... Witch Hunter... there's a theme there somewhere...

The gun is covered in a greenish trophy head.  No idea what that critter is but I reckon it'll be a green gator-y sort of beastie when it eventually surfaces.
 The Doctor in drab interacts with the electric jellyfish guy... 
Wrath... done in "Not Black" ninja style with a power sword.  The "Not Black" is several layers of Amethyst Wash (SW) over the khaki base coat. 

The sword remains a wicked problem that, even though straitened with the hot water method, continues to move towards the bent position it arrived here in.  I may eventually pin it with a needle but, for now, I simply chuckle when I think that his code name "Wrath" might just be all about being provided with such low quality weapons.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

3D Printing terrain for Kingdom Death Monster +Star Saga, Twisted, and Raging Heroes WiP.

I finished up a pair of large Faces to replace the cardboard markers that come with Kingdom Death Monster.  I painted them in a similar way to the small faces that come on the decorative base inserts.   Basically a Khaki base coat, a sandstone dry-brush, some blended washes with Secret Weapon Algae and Sewer Water amended with a spot of Glaze Medium (Vallejo), and a dry-brush of Graveyard Earth (Reaper) and a final dry-brush Splintered Bone (Reaper).
 Is that a ray of hope!

Maybe it explains how some things grow in the gloomy world of Kingdom Death!
I've found that in 3D printing at my best resolution visible striations are a thing.  I'm looking into ways to reduce them other than sanding.  Mass sanding of PLA seem to result in it melting...

I actually like the striations on these faces but, in general, it would be better to get a handle on them!  I think I can rotate them in the shredder so the layers stack from a different direction to reduce it... more tests!
 The last batch of Core Set Miniatures from Mantic's Star Saga Kickstarter is getting close to finishing up... which is good because there are rumbles in the rumor mill about the next wave shipping soon!
Two batches in progress here.  Twisted! The Dickensians Set 2 and some paupers, street performers, beggars, and merchants from the Bruegelburg: A Day at the Fair kickstarter (Lead Adventurers)

Both of these sets are traditionally sculpted and I'm having a lot of fun with the personalities.  I'm finding myself more and more into NPC and Non-Combat type characters... probably because I'm leaning in on scenery and the role play elements of the hobby more than the wargames themselves.
 The real end of the line for Star Saga wave 1!  Doors! So far I've sprayed these with a khaki paint/primer combo and then taped them and resprayed with an Ivory... next step... colored stripes!
And last, but definitely not least, Two miniatures from the Raging Heroes TGG2 Kickstarter are in the build bucket.  I just got word that the remainder of my TGG2 was shipped today so I'd better start clearing the deck!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Star Saga: Computer Screens and Development Tanks

 This batch of scatter and objective terrain has a mix of campy cartoon messages and harder edge decals. I wanted to capture the feel of an evil science lab set to self destruct.

Most of the whites were a work up of the Reaper Bone Triad.  The computer screens a mix of Army Painter Voidshield Blue and Secret Weapon Blue Wash. The computer screens and the development tanks were finished off with a coat of Vallejo Gloss Varnish on the glassy parts.
 The development tanks got an uneven wash of Baby Poop (SW) and another one of Sewer Water (SW) over a base coat of Voidshield Blue(AP).  The large decal was from Thor Decals District 7 set and was applied between a satin varnish and the gloss coat. I wanted the inside to be murky and the outside to be clean.
 The lettering for all the zany messages looks to be channeling Futurama!
 A lone techie and a pair of rent-a-cops stare down some oncoming plague knowing that no evacuation is authorized!
 Lots of screen messages just in case someone didn't know the evil secret base was in trouble!

Welcome to Dead Zone!
The abomination is here!

I have about a half dozen more character models and a pile of doors left to see the Star Saga set fully painted... sans the MDF versions of the floor tiles which have yet to arrive!