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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Let there be light! The Undertown illuminated.

The Undertown has lights in the form of LED Keychain Torches blutacked to the ceilings.  These provide about 12 continuous hours of illumination.  The batteries are replaceable but it may be cheaper to just replace the whole torch when as required. I got them from Amazon for around $0.50 each including shipping in lots of 20.

The lights make a big difference even when the room is fully lit.  Interior details can be seen through the windows in rooms that were otherwise in full shadow.

Whiskey Jacks gets great effects in the main saloon and through the slits of the armored windows windows and doors of the back office.
 Following are a lot of pictures of the various buildings of the Undertown where some buildings are illuminated and others in the photo are not.  The difference really jumps out. There some pictures of the fully illuminated table in various ambient light states.  At the end are a couple of shots of the A-Z Mart (weathered) which is pretty eerie looking.

 All of these buildings, most of the scatter terrain, and the game mat are from Antenocitis Workshop.
Sake shop upstairs fashion outlet downstairs.


Lit and unlit buildings.

 The Neo-Tiki Hotel.

Neo Tiki Hotel office and guest services.
 The Data Trust.

 The computer screens really pop in the Data Trust. Full table regular room light.

 Full table at half room light.

 Full table in the dark.

 A-Z Mart regular light.
A-Z Mart in the "Vamps and Zombies and Weres... oh my!" dark

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

A-Z Mart (Weathered)

The first building out of the gate for the Post Apocalypse terrain set is the A-Z Mart (weathered) from the "Survival" line over at Antenocitis' Workshop

This is a super cool model with great details and a lot of playable interior space.
 In addition to the usual great photo print details there is a lot of damaged glass for the windows and the doors to the coolers, which give a really convincing 3D effect to the coolers.

The building is Prepainted MDF which really means that the MDF is covered with a single color surface process that helps make it look less like MDF and when you go to do some additional painting its a great starting point.
 For this building I've gone with the prepainted color scheme and just added some weathering, decals (Antenocitis Workshop and Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop), and the odd bit of flat art to that.

Weathering was accomplished mostly with Forge World Weathering Powders Medium Earth, Black Soot, Red Rust, and Orange Rust.

I didn't additionally weather the glass because the cracking effects might be obscured.
The Newsboxes on the outside are also from Antenocitis Workshop and I used some of the photo elements from the A-Z Mart to create newspapers and other signs on them.

The Newsboxes are very heavily weathered like the pay phones from the previous post using the same technique but with red instead of blue.

The AC unit on this model has been swapped for one of the MDF units from the Lazy Dog Saloon.  The AC unit provided with the model is resin cast and has a sleeker rounded look and a lower, longer shape.

Next up is the Pristine version of this building and LED retrofits to the Undertown table.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Data Trust interior details

 The interior resin details are done for the Data Trust.

I replaced the little searchlight that I had scratch built to use as a grip for removing the roof with a resin and metal drone control and coms array.  The dish antennas may prove tricky in the long run and complicate storage so I may, at some point, add magnets to these... I'm not certain of the benefit vs the risk of damage as the dishes are metal and there is some weight stress on the connection points that might not be great for magnets... we'll see I suppose.
The control point was painted over a black primer with Orange Heat (Secret Weapon) which is a really interesting technical paint I highlighted with Orange Rust (Secret Weapon) and glazed with Orange Wash (Secret Weapon) lining was Rust Shadow (Secret Weapon) which is fast becoming my favorite liner.

The dishes are metal primed black dry brushed with Silver (Vallejo) washed with Armor Wash (Secret Weapon) red panels are Blood Red (Reaper) glaze of Orange Heat, glaze of Orange Rust liner with Rust Shadow. 

Grey Panels Stormy Grey (Reaper) Brush up with Sky Grey (Reaper)

  I love that you can see details through the open windows and that is my motivation to eventually add LED lighting... once I find the bits!

Raging Heroes Void Elf for scale today.

Exterior Weathering is mostly Forge World Weathering Powders, primarily Medium Earth.

Ground Floor interior details: Food Vending Machine, Large TV, Coffee Station, Interactive Table and two Bench Seats. Details glued to the walls except the table and seats which are magnetized and can be removed as required.

I had already constructed the doors before I looked at the contents of the resin upgrade pack.  The upgrade pack includes replacement door frames and doors that are armored. 

I decided to keep the office style doors that I had already installed and use the armored door elements later... maybe when building a NERVE (Neon Genesis Evangelion) outpost or SD-6 (Alias)style hidden facility.

Moral of the story... always check the upgrade sets before building the base structure!

Data Trust Upstairs interior features four Data Walls and a master interface terminal.  The Data Walls are glued in and the Interface Terminal is magnetized so it can be reoriented or removed.

There is still a lot more of the Undertown to do including an awesome Game Shop! but... its pretty playable at the moment so I think I'll veer into the Post Apocalypse buildings for a bit and get a baseline of buildings set up.  Since we're running Fallout:Wasteland Warfare from time to time I'd better get something more suitable for that built.

Back to the desk!

Monday, May 11, 2020

Undertown Table progress and Post Apoc scatter

The current state of the Undertown Table. 

I've mislaid the LED lights so am skipping them for now as they will be an easy retrofit. The Data Trust is not pictured here as its currently getting the interior resins done.

 This is for Sci-Fi settings like Infinity (Its actually a Made for Infinity Line from Antenocitis' Workshop ) Warpath, Deadzone, Cyberpunk, etc... It'll, of course, work for the Grimdark of 40K, Kill Squad, and Inquisitor as well... with a few Gothic doodads added to represent the presence of the Imperium... ya know like confession booths or an incongruously ornate religious structure... maybe a big old statue of some Imperial saint or space marine.... that sort of buisiness.

 Since all the buildings have playable interiors there is a lot of flexibility between war games and RPGs.

I'm actually thinking about running a game based around the Death High series of miniatures from Kingdom Death. which are cool contemporary and near future themes that would be at home in any High School Supernatural, Horror, or Martial Arts romantic comedy... probably great characters for Vampire the Masquerade as well.
 I'm separating the terrain out by genre to see what is ready for play... the Undertown is in pretty good shape, the Forward Base needs a lot of work and the Post Apocalypse segment is just getting started.
 Speaking of the Post Apocalypse setting... here are a couple more wrecked vehicles, some recycling bins, and some very weathered payphones...
 Lots of weathering opportunities here... the recycle bins where painted Lemon Yellow (Reaper) over white primer, washed with Yellow Snow (Secret Weapon), and lined with Flesh Wash (Secret Weapon) lettering by Sharpie.

The Cars were both primered with Rustoleum Almond White and brushed up with Solid White (Craftsmart) weathering was accomplished with the Rust Series... Brown, Red, and Yellow (Secret Weapon) Silver (Vallejo) and Medium Earth and Orange Rust weathering powders (Forge World).
 Lining by Sharpie.  Window Glass Silver (Vallejo) base thin Armor Wash(Secret Weapon) Stormcloud (Secret Weapon) re-brush with silver. A lot of the rust here is intended to represent shotgun impacts but I really should be using references for those...

The Hood of the car on its side was unstable in the semi-open position so I propped it open with some cut down toothpicks... you can just see one here.
 The cars here are from Antenocitis' Workshops as are the bins and payphones.

The Payphones are heavily weathered using a stippling technique.  Brown Rust (Secret Weapon) stippled over Black Primer (Krylon Camoflage Black) Tropical Blue (Reaper) stippled over that wash with Armour Wash (Secret Weapon) stipple and dry-brush Silver (Vallejo).

Most of my immediate effort will be directed at the interior resins of the Data Trust... which will finish off the currently constructed Undertown building interiors save for LEDs.  I may sidestep into a couple of Post Apoc buildings next even though some Forward Base is already in the clean and prep queue... Squirrel!

Back to the desk!

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Modern and Post Apocalyptic vehicle wrecks and trash bins

 While the ubiquitous ruins frequently found on my table, and the tables of almost ever 40K player, can do great service as Post Apocalypse terrain I have just begun generating a more genre specific set primarily for use with Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, Gamma World, The Order of Vampire Hunters, and all things related to the Zombie Apocalypse.
 Starting with an old favorite Antenocitis Workshop from their Survival Vehicles category: Flipped Car, Bricked Merc, and Fender Bender.

These are really fun sculpts with lots of character and the resin material is the typical super high quality that comes from Antenocitis Workshop... smooth, very little cleaning required, and takes paint readily.

The base colors were accomplished via rattlecan Primer+Paint combos from Krylon and Rustoleum. Dry-Brushing to bring out the detail which was bloc painted in basic colors. 

Weathering started with Brown, Red, Yellow, and Orange Rust from Secret Weapon and finished with Forge World Powders Orange Rust for the Brick impact area, muffler cases and some parts of the iron beams.

 A quick side trip into an assortment of bins (Also from Antenocitis Workshop) which are useful across the genre barrier.  Sprayed Krylon Camo Green and dry-brushed these represent some common types of bins encountered in residential and shopping areas.
 Back to the wrecks!  The Flipped Car, shown with a Star Saga Veermyn lurking nearby, is covered in viney growths indicating that its been like this for quite a while.  It out of place in the Undertown and would be more at home in a junkyard or in a setting like Fallout.
 Fender Bender reminds me of the Yugo... if anyone remembers those... the implication is that the car was struck by the motorcycle and was bent by the impact... made of repurposed bubblegum wrapper!

... then there are metal beams and even a kitchen sink on it...

who know why those Plague guys are hanging out near it... but time to meet my little friend!

The Bricked Merc is fun and I wonder where all the brick came from... so I think I'll have to make a collapsing brick building in this theme just to have it sit near this one.

Plague Abomination and operative from Star Saga.

Its always fun working in a new theme.  I think a convenience store and a petrol station... and maybe a shanty saloon would make for a good start... oh and a mat...

Back to the desk!