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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Port House 3D Print

 I'm flinging paint at the model backlog in between bouts of pre-move prep so I have a half dozen projects in one stage or another of completion that I hope to finish before pack out.

This is The Port House from Rampage: The Lost Islands Kickstarter.  Rampage is very aggressive with releasing files and they often follow up the initial file release with some adjustments, improvement, or corrections soon after the initial offering. This is the 1.0 version of the Port House.  They have updated this, and several other models from the project, since I printed it and it seems that they have generally re-scaled the models for the more common Heroic scale.  That means that this model is a wee bit petite compared to my other buildings.  Its even a bit small compared to the Tabletop World buildings that are scaled for true 25mm.
 Since most of my games that use this style of build tend to be fantasy themed I'll imagine this as a mouseling, or gnome, building.  I'll have to do up some mouselings with timber floor bases!

Actually for gaming I probably should have moved to clear acrylic bases years ago... but I didn't... so now I'm not inclined to do so... maybe when I start a completely new army I'll give it a go but I'll otherwise keep trying to theme match the bases for the existing sets.

Gerystone and wood standard process.  I skipped out on plaster for this one and may go back and add it later... I had some print errors with this model and went with it being a bit run down.
 You can see the very wide back window area that looks like exposed wood... printer error... also some of the supports for the railing failed to survive the print and some outside wood supports and one face of each of the doors are a little fuzzy or deformed.  This was an early 'learn to print' model for me and I learned a lot.  Still, I think it'll be serviceable enough on the tabletop as part of the larger town so no need to let it go to waste!

For scale there are some Twisted minis, a couple of Lead Adventurer minis, and some Reaper Mouselings.  The other buildings that I'd like to compare it with have been packed so I'll have to do that on the other side.
 I've done a lot of the Greystone Village buildings and I'm trying some new things.  Since this building has a tile roof, instead of a wood shingle roof, I went with a variegated red tile.  It was fun to play with the color mix to get a more natural looking roof.  The rest of the Lost island buildings tend to have this tile roof so it'll be a nice addition to the wood shingle schemes I've already done.

The Greystone has been a theme here for a long time but I think the next step will be to add some variations to the stones.  I'll probably do that with the next several residences but stick with the more monochrome grey for working buildings like shops, forges, warehouses etc.. 

I've also skipped on putting magnets in this building as the magnets seem to have found themselves packed up already.  It holds together very well as is and each level is in two parts that are offset from the level below.  I'll likely put magnets in the bottom level at least just to encourage it to stay together through vigorous rotations but it seemed to spin and slide and stick together as it is so no rush on it... one more thing to remember on the other side.
 The roof tile started as an Amethyst (Secret Weapon) wash over the black base followed with a Gory Red (Reaper) Dry-brush then patch dry-brush areas... some with Phoenix Red (Reaper) and other areas with Scrofulous Brown (Vallejo). 
The printer error is also visible from the outside rear of the model as a elongated window but I just painted it to resemble wood slats and moved on.  I think it adds some character to the model!

Pack Pack
Paint Paint
Zoom Zoom!

Friday, May 3, 2019

The Order of Vampire Hunters Board Game - The rest of the Kickstarter Exclusive Hunters

The remaining eight Kickstarter Exclusive hunters are ready to pack.  I'm racing to wrap up the open projects on my desk before the big move... lots more to do!

First up are Akecheta and Samuel.  I think of these as  'ranged heavies'.  They are done mostly in earth tones and raw metals.

 The next set I think of as 'finesse melee' types. They like to get stuck in but are not relying on overpowering their enemies to win.

These are more colorful than most of the hunters.
Emma looks straight out of Vampire Hunter High with the rising sun tee and pink sneakers.

Daniel Stoica was the first Kickstarter Exclusive Hunter and its unclear whether or not the rest will be seen at retail.  I hope so because there are a lot of cool archetypes that will otherwise be few and far between. Daniel is the Samurai-esque Hunter that is done in emerald and saffron.
 Isabella is a Conquistador themed hunter that seems wildly out of time... Who knew that Vampire Hunters tended towards cosplay!

Painting her reminded me of a buccaneer themed Ogre Kingdoms army I painted that featured various colorful, usually striped pants/pantaloons.

The last set of hunters is Jean-Louis, Bram, and Billy-Bob.

Jean-Louis looks like he caught the Time-ship during the Napoleonic era although closer inspection revealed that some vampire sourced bits have augmented his uniform.

Bram is a classic tough guy hunter in an armored duster while Billy-Bob is a bruiser with electrically augmented boxing spikes.

Finally I'm taking a moment to remember a friend who passed away yesterday.

Rich was a great friend and a genuinely fun guy to be around.  He very much inspired me to keep the ogre pants theme going for an entire Ogre Kingdoms army some years ago. His jovial good nature, quick wit, and constant encouragement made that project very special indeed.  We ever-after greeted and made our farewells with shouted OGRE PANTS!  Farewell Rich, I'll see you on the other side.


Monday, April 29, 2019

Tabletop World Fisherman's House

Its no secret that I really like Tabletop World.  I'm super excited that they are doing a new line of Heroic scale "modular" buildings.

The demise of the old square base 20mm=human standard made me look at what to plan for in future. The current poplar base size is a 30mm round lip base which is more like a 35 mm.  This has a huge impact on terrain bits, like this one,  that were scaled around 20mm standards. 

I'm still putting stuff on 20mm squares but I also have interest in the new size bases and the associated games so... looks like I'll be going down that rabbit hole anyway!
 This is not quite complete.  I'm packing for a move of house and many of the finer details... like seagulls and hanging fish, have been left off while others like the dock rails and fish hoist are stuck on with Blue Tac.  There are enough fiddly bits on this that I may end up doing magnets to attach the parts most likely to be knocked off during handling... but that is not today!

You can see the differences between the first picture, where I used models with 20mm square bases and the following pictures with 25mm rounds.  The newer style skirmish and RPG bases are even larger so I think it'll be worth the effort to update some buildings to have larger interior spaces.
 The 'for scale' models here are (top) from the Bruegleburg: A day at the fair from Lead Adventurers and the rest from The Order of Vampire Hunters board game.

As with all the Tabletop World stuff the interior is detailed and fully accessible.
 Some of the smaller detail bits. 
House second floor.
 Roof with integrated balcony door.  The new line will feature operating doors and view through windows.  Many of the new game systems use some version of true line of sight that is a bit stymied by these solid windows and permanently closed doors.
Blue roof weathering.
The Order of Vampire Hunters Cain, Dallas, and Ash from the Kickstarter Exclusives.

Lots more to get done before the pack out so back to the desk!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

3D Prints Skiff and an Airport baggage moving vehicle

My painting subjects remain uniformly chaotic so today will feature the Prime Mover for an Airport Baggage Handler Vehicle.

This printed as six parts: Hull, undercarriage, and wheels (x4).  probably about three hours of print time total but I've been really sloppy about tracking that... improvements for the future!

Size wise... it looks like its a tiny bit on the large side but its a print so that is scale-able if it really bugs me... I can always describe this larger one as an ammo load mover or something similar.

 I experimented with some "Chipping Fluid" for the first time and its pretty interesting stuff.  Basically you prime, or paint, the model then paint on chipping fluid were you would like the chipped effect then, when dry, paint the top color(s) let dry then re-moisten and tap or scratch at the areas you want to chip off to show the underlying paint.  It'll take some practice but seems like a pretty effective technique.
 Left is the underlayer.  I did much more than the areas to be chipped so I could practice making effective rust textures to reveal...  I may print another one to do as a burnt out hulk since I kinda like how the base layer turned out.

Models included for scale are Anvil Industries Traveling Salesman (This is a guess really I've fogotten where I got him and can't seem to locate it on the net), GW's Canoness Veridyan, Heresy Girls Sniper (Black Pheonix), Twsited's Tink, and Varaseesh the Venomous from Raging Heroes.

 The Skiff is pretty substantial with four gun ports... that is a sturdy skiff! I still have the fittings to paint but I'll wait for that until I get some dowels for the masts... yar! a two masted skiff!  Sturdy indeed! I'll want to make the rigging break down-able for transport and storage so that'll be interesting.
Due to the limited print area of my Snapmaker this is printed in three sections with magnets to keep it together during play.

I'm really interested to print the larger ships from this project (Rampage Lost Islands Kickstarter) but am waiting for the Snapmaker's new print area expansion (Z-Axis Expansion Module) to become available before heading down that rabbit hole!

I'm also making progress on getting the place ready for our next relocation and should have another update on the Tabletop World Fisherman's House soon.  Also on the desk Raging Heroes Executrix Command, The Order of Vampire Hunters Kickstarter exclusives, Tabletop World Wizard's Tower, Kingdom Death, Twisted, and more...

Back to the desk!

Friday, April 19, 2019

A WiP kinda day... Tabletop World Fisherman's House, Order of Vampire Hunters and a 3D printed Skiff.

 I've been busy this week doing, mostly, batch painting.  Lots of wood textures that are easier to do when there is a pile of them ready to work on and the last of the Order of Vampire Hunters hunters.

I love the Tabletop World stuff and the Fisherman's House is no exception.  The resin cast is clean and crisp with tons of atmospheric details.  I have to version of this model. This one will likely get the most use as it is designed to sit on a flat table or gaming mat while the other one is mounted on a river section that integrates into a larger river system. 

The river system looks amazing but takes a lot more work to make usable on the tabletop.  That project will certainly be the subject of a future post!

The wood here is all done with the standard wood process. The white walls are P3 Jack Bone and Splintered Bone (Reaper) transitions between walls, wood, and stone are edged with Baby Poop (Secret Weapon. Ropes and nets are the same with a top dry-brush of Buckskin Pale (Reaper)

Because the Fisherman's house is also a place of business I am going with a weathered blue roof. Most of the merchant buildings in my Graystone Village have blue roofs to welcome custom.

The Fisherman's House is also getting a weathered red balcony to make it easily identifiable to other fisherman as a place to sell their catch.

There is still a bit of detail work to do on these, especially the metalwork on the balcony, windows, and weathering of the roof tiles.
 This is the accessory kit for the Fisherman's House...ignore the black balcony... its actually part of a Wizard's Tower that I should be working on next week.

 The end is in sight for The Order of Vampire Hunters Kickstarter Exclusives box.  This is a great game and its unfortunate that so many cool hunter types were only made available for the Kickstarter. I still have a big pile of expansions to work and although most of those include new adversaries there are few new hunters in them.  Room for future development!
This is a "Skiff" I 3D printed.  It was large enough that its in three section and I magnetized them for ease of storage and transport.  I've been scratching my head about printing the rest of the fleet due to the small build volume of my Snapmaker... so I was very happy to hear they are making a z-axis expansion module for it that should significantly increase the size of the objects I can print!

Back to the desk!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Raging Heroes Executrix Regulars Troop

 Raging heroes makes some amazing figures.  This Void Elf Executrix troop are gonna make great Incubi proxies for my Ynnari. 

They'll be operating as the Emerald Execution and I wanted to stay away from the usual colors of my more traditional Dark Eldar.  These Death Eldar seem a little more flexible with wardrobe colors as they are not so focused on being the Evil Eldar... leaving that for their Cabalite Cousins.
 As I was working on these the Emerald and white base coats left me with a unit that was very heavy in cool colors so I elected to warm up the accents with an orange-y red for their swords and for the wing guards.

The wing guards are really a great weapon option idea!  they seem to be a device that dangles close combat blades while walking or standing but deploys they forwards when the knee is raised and bent giving extra stabby power!  I'd count this as, at least, an off hand weapon... which... given that the main weapon is a Double-hander... is awesome! So, If you are reading this Benoit please integrate something similar in the TGG3 Game...wink, wink...
I'm sure that will give my 40k opponents a little heartburn but they all love integrating cool models so I'm sure they'll be happy with it!  For everyone else they'l operate as plain vanilla Incubi.

I've also experimented a bit with textures on the flowing cloth bits... kind of going for an exotic monster pelt... looks like I'll have to generate a suitably exotic monster with such a pelt for them to hunt!  (Maybe another suggestion for the folks at RH?)

The blades are meant to look like power weapons but that was mostly just an excuse to paint them in warmer colors and not a weapon option suggestion...

The whole unit together... keep in mind this is just the regular troopers set... there is also a command group set which is in various stages of being assembled at the moment.  I haven't decided If I'll replicated these colors so I have add-on options... or if I'll pattern them after another alien beastie...

Back to work then!

Monday, April 8, 2019

Kingdom Death- Gold Smoke Knight

The Gold Smoke Knight is one of Kingdom Death: Monster's end game bad guys and a really cool model to boot.

The whole Model was done with the usual Primer routine:

Primer Khaki
Dry-brush Graveyard Bone (Reaper)
Dry-brush Splintered Bone (Reaper)

The cape and the Skulls on the base are the Reaper Bone Triad with shaded with Strong Tone (Army Painter)
Eyes in the skulls are Splintered Bone Scrofulous Brown (Vallejo) and Sun Yellow (Reaper)

The metallic areas are done with my standard yellow and white metal workups. 

Yellow metal: 

Base coat Brass Casings (Secret Weapon)
Wash with Flesh Wash (Secret Weapon)+one (1) drop of Glaze Medium (Vallejo)
Glaze low and recessed areas with Amethyst Purple Wash (Secret Weapon)
Dry-brush Brass Casings
Highlight dry-brush Shining Gold (Citadel)
Top highlight dry-brush Rustungs Farbe (Gamecraft for Fantasy Forest)... which is a silvery metallic color which looks more like mercury than silver.
 White Metal:

Engine Metal (Secret Weapon)
Wash with Armor Wash (Secret Weapon)
Dry-brush with Rustungs Farbe


Emerald (Vallejo)
Targeted Wash Green (Secret Weapon)
Highlights Emerald lightened with Splintered Bone.


Amethyst Wash (Secret Weapon) over the primer treatment Splintered Bone colored with Amethyst Wash for Highlights
Very thin glaze of Amethyst Wash for blending
Targeted re wash of Amethyst Wash for better color depth.

Shown with the ubiquitous Canoness Veridyan for Scale the Gold Smoke Knight is appropriately Monster sized.

Raging Heroes Executrix Troop should be the next up on the desk but who knows for certain!?!  There are still a few pesky Vampire Hunters remaining to be completed as well.