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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Reaper Halfling Ranger and Dogs

 A quick project for a friend's new RP character.  A Reaper Halfling Ranger and St. Bernard companion.

These began life as Reaper's 02769: Woody, Halfling Ranger from the Dark Haven Legends Line and 77422: War Dog.

The guidance for Woody was to have some light blue in the shirt, non metal armor and a woodland consistent coat/cloak.

I went with a warm skin tone and auburn hair. I also carried the blue color out to the fetching of his arrows thinking the blue to be some sort of signature.

I added some freehand patterns to the coat to to help it read against the green but still have a woodsy feel.

The sword is simply done and might be revisited in case he happens to acquire a magic one!

The bases have a woodland theme... I had thought about cobblestone or an interior floor but.... hes a Ranger!

The animal companion is a St. Bernard so Iadded a quick little brandy cask.  Its an anachronism but should help with the illusion that this is a St. Bernard.  I did the chest-piece crimson but omitted the white cross emblem so I can add a symbol in when, and if, he gets some kind of distinguishing mark or brand. 

My initial take on the color ended up being a bit too yellow so I re-shaded to get a brown that is more in the St. Bernard spectrum.  Its on the lighter end of the color spectrum for them but at least its more identifiable as brown!

He had a second dog and wanted it to be clearly a different dog so I went with a Rottweiler pattern which is practically the opposite of the St. Bernard.

This also has a crimson chest-piece but I'm not certain its intended to be at all related... so that might get adjusted later as well if there turns out to be a relation or a marking.  Otherwise red is a good color for an adversary!

 The two dogs together.
 Woody and the Dogs.  They are quite sturdy.. even massive... next to the slight Halfling.
 ... and a final look at Woody and the Dog.

Back to the Desk!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

3D Printed Sci-Fi wheeled APC and wheeled ARV

 The Jailbirds got a couple of new vehicles this week but they, themselves, were out of reach for photos!  We'll make do with some of their potential adversaries like trusty Canoness Veridyan (GW).

The vehicles were 3D printed on a Snapmaker at high quality.  The files came from a Duncan "Shadow" Louca vehicle Kickstarter.

These continue the badlands nomad theme that is basically a Flesh Wash (Secret Weapon) over the standard Khaki workup.
 The wheels were painted Rubber (Secret Weapon) and the weathering was done with Secret Weapon technical paints.  Old Mud, Caked Dirt, Engine Metal, and Rust Shadow.

Rust Shadow makes an excellent liner and gives a "Borderlands" style shadow.  I think it will look really great with some other vehicles colors which I'll get into when I'm doing some of the civilian vehicles pressed into service by the caravan.
 Repo-Man! is a very vital vehicle for the Jailbirds.  Their gear is mostly second tier except for their bikes which are cutting edge.  The Jailbirds basically drag anything they can get off the field although they tend to focus on wheeled vehicles since they are easier to operate and maintain in their caravan lifestyle.
 The Jailbirds are much more organized and uniform that the typical "Mad Max-esque" Badlanders as they also form semi-regular military formations.  Basically they wear uniforms of a sort and their vehicles are identifiable as part of a regular, if somewhat eclectic, military unit.
 "Tailgater" with Mantic Star Saga marines and Forgeworld ripper swarms for scale.  I used magnets for the turret and for the hatches with the idea to optionally use Raging Heroes Ash, Tank Gunner as a vehicle commander.

 Repo-Man shown with Travelling merchant (Anvil Industries) or Trader Joe as he is known to the Jailbirds.

I saw some construction cranes the other day that had all the moving surfaces finished in a rubbery black color and thought that would be better than a shiny metal, attention attracting, surface.

A last look at Repo-Man with Raging Heroes Void Elves for scale.

Last, I did basing and prep for a couple of Reaper minis for an RPG character.  A halfling Ranger, a couple of big dogs, and a triad of pups.  One of the dogs to be a Saint Bernard the other probably a Rottweiler or something similar to make the dogs easy to identify.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Order of Vampire Hunters: Upyr and Burrowers plus 3D SF Vehicles and terrain WiPs

 The Upyr are vampire "Daywalkers" that are among the most dangerous of the vampire "trash mobs". While immune to sunlight effects and being, relatively, sturdy fighters they are not dangerous by themselves and can be dispatched by Pete and the Extractor just as any other vampire type.  Their main advantage is ignoring sunlight rooms in the lair and slowing down the Hunters especially when they arrive as a random spawn.

These were painted in the same way as the warriors but have a few extra layers of Sunny Flesh dry-brush and paler red wings.

Unfortunately they are uni-pose and since they will be stored in their formed plastic game tray I didn't want to do any physical modification.  Keeping in mind also that they are board game pieces I kept their paint schemes uniform for easy identification during play.

 The Burrowers were also painted similarly to the warriors with the but for the omission of the red wings.

Like the Upyr these are cast in a single pose.

Moving into the 3D printed stuff there is a wheeled ARV (Armored Recovery Vehicle) that will join my Jailbirds Faction.  As motorized nomads and scavengers I think the ARV will be an important addition to their motley collection... so I may print up one or two more... can't leave loot on the battlefield!

This is another wheeled APC that the Jailbirds will press into service.  Its more boxy than their other vehicles and I can imagine that it was "liberated" from one of their many adversaries.

One of the benefits of these PLA prints is that they are easy to magnetize.  Since they are not a solid block of resin, or a hollow hard plastic cast, you can easily punch a magnet sized hole in the skin and the magnet will still be supported by the interior lattice structure.

The crane of the ARV and the turret of the APC are magnetized. 

I need to come up with names for these vehicles both as general type and as individuals.  Suggestions welcome! 

Finally some progress in the Kingdom Death inspired columns to replace the 2D cardboard terrain in the Kingdom Death Monster game.

I've been working on some marble-like effects and still want to narrow and define the black veining a bit before washing them and doing some final highlights.

Back to the desk!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

More Fun with 3D printing Terrain, Kingdom Death Monster, Bruegleburg: A day at the Fair

  A lot of stuff wrapped up at once!

Lets start with the Kingdom Death inspired 3d printed terrain. 

These are in PLA printed on a Snapmaker.

I've got replacements for the flat cardboard terrain pieces in the Kingdom Death expansion "Spidicules" .

 The big egg pile was painted with Hexwraith Flame (Citadel technical) and then mottled with Green (Secret Weapon) and Yellow Snow (Secret Weapon) washes. Emerald (Vallejo) is the base color on the rope-like connecting bits.

Once everything was dry I used Extra Heavy Gel (Vallejo) to get some goo effects and to make web-like connections between different parts of the model.

Replacements for the Various faces in the main Kingdom Death Monster game.

This is a case where the limitations of my printer leave a striated surface texture but, in this case, I really like that effect!

Unfortunately, if I didn't like it, PLA can't be effectively sanded because it just melts... so I'd have to, essentially, plaster the faces to smooth them out.

I am working on improving my grasp of OSL and got a little practice in with the gems that protrude from a couple of these faces.  I still need to add more white to the point of origin but its getting better.

 The full set of Egg terrain.
 Eggs with a Kingdom Death Survivor for scale!
 The Bruegleburg: A day at the Fair was a Kickstarter from Lead Adventurers.  I gathered up a handful of the children and had a go.

A play Knight and Squire.

These were all based with Khaki, drybrushed Sandstone and then with white before painting with a variety of washes.
 A second play Knight and Squire.

Since this takes place at a fair I wanted to put the kids in their colorful best... although some are more colorful than others.
 Fair maidens for the joust!

I really enjoy making these supporting characters for my Greystone village and the Bruegleburg: A Day at the Fair series is a great source for the setting.

 The full set of the kids having a pretend joust.

A set of the jousting kids with a Kingdom Death survivor for scale.

On the Desk; a couple of 3D printed APCs, a pair of assassins, one 3D printed and an identical one cast traditionally, and a unit of the new version of Raging Heroes Blood Vestals (SF).

Back to the desk!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Order of Vampire Hunters: Warriors

The Warriors from the core set of The Order of Vampire Hunters board game.

As the Vampire adversaries move from Thralls to Warriors I've continued with the monstrous blue theme although I've darkened it down a bit and added blood red wings.

Its interesting to paint monstrous vampires after so much time focusing on the "pretty" bloodsuckers that are so prolific today.

Here is the hunter Magenta facing off against a throng of Thralls and Warriors.

You can see that the Thralls are much more vividly blue than the Warriors.  I intend to continuing the darkening trend by making the older/stronger Vampire varieties darken down while some "side-grades" like burrowers will remain about this color and the Upyr, or daywalkers will move in a more fleshy direction.

The blue process followed the last batch and then I added a wash of Soft Body Black (Secret Weapon) diluted with a little Glaze Medium (Vallejo), a dry-brush of Stone Golem (Warpaints) and a top dry-brush of Splintered Bone (Reaper).  This process added contrast and, while a darker result it remains very readable.

Magenta's chances looks better after Stephen joins the fray!

This batch completes the top tray of the Core Set.  Tray two Burrowers and Upyr are in the clean up aisle.

3D printed Kingdom Death inspired terrain and some  Brugleburg Fair look to be the next batch to finish up.

I'll have to add some actual Kingdom Death models and some more Raging Heroes to the production line.  I've even seen a GW model or two working through the prep line!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Xehzirhya: Lust Elf Demon Steed Rider (SF)

 Xehzirhya: Lust Elf Demon Steed Rider (SF) from the Raging Heroes Toughest Girls of the Galaxy 2 (TGG2) Kickstarter is a large model that makes a great army centerpiece or Monstrous Champion.

Most of the models in the Lust Elf line are Fantasy/Sci-Fi agnostic but a few lean one way or another.  This one leans Sci-Fi so I've taken a more metallic approach to parts of the paint scheme.

I got to experiment with the new Hexwraith Green technical (Citadel) to give a green "powered" look to the weapon and the insectile carapace of the helm.  I've a bit more work to do getting a proper glow but am generally happy with the paint's performance.  I did a couple of white highlights but wanted to avoid adding yellows for this one.
 This model also shares some of the more horrific aspects of the Lust Elf Centaurs, especially with the "hands as feet" motif.

The Flesh was worked up with Vallejo colors: Reddish Flesh, Medium Flesh, Fairy Flesh, Burned Flesh and Highlight Flesh mostly via layering.

For the face filled viscera I wanted a sort of bloody ectoplasm look and started with Blood for the Blood God (Citadel) and worked up through Brains Pink (Reaper) and washing back with Ruby (Secret Weapon) before highlighting the faces back up through the red spectrum to white and shading back down through the greens.
 The Base is 60mm resin from a Secret Weapon bag of random bases.  They occasionally sell big bags, about a pound in weight, of second quality bases very cheap and while they tend to need a little filling most of the holes are on the undersides of the bases and can be easily ignored if you'd rather.  Overall these bags have been a great value for money.

The base colors were almost entirely done with Secret Weapon washes.  Sewer Water, Green Black, Baby Poop, and Yellow Snow with a top highlight of Lemon Yellow (Reaper) on some of the mushrooms and a Bone Triad (Reaper) work up of the various skulls and bones.

 Here with a Knight of the Chalice (Raging Heroes) for scale.  Shes similar in size to a GW terminator and is part of the same (TGG2) Kickstarter as Xehzirhya herself.

And here with Canoness Veridyan (GW) joining the fray.

Lots of stuff just finishing up Brugelburg, Order of Vampire Hunters Warriors, and a pile of 3D printed stuff. Of course... anything might jump the line... I'm back to the desk to find out!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Order of Vampire Hunter Thralls and a fast yellow/orange process

 Here are the Thralls from the core set of The Order of Vampire Hunters board-game.

These are a speed paint and some technique experiments so they were not cleaned up prior to painting.  I'll do some clean up on the Bosses and Character models. 

This game portrays vampires in more of the "Blade" vein than the Anne Rice so I decided to go with a really inhuman look for the thralls.
 I used the new Nighthaunt Gloom technical paint from Citadel.  Its very similar to the Algae Wash from Secret Weapon.  The models were sprayed Khaki and dry-brushed Sandstone and then a second dry-brush of Sandstone/Pure White.  Nighthaunt Gloom was painted over this base.
 Because there are only two models in the pile, and I didn't want to go down the conversion rabbit hole,  I decided to go for a rabble look by painting many different colors of clothes.

During this time I was talking to a friend who was interested in getting some better yellows on his minis so here is what I'm doing for the yellows and oranges here.

There are two paths discussed here... one for a fresh yellow from the primer up and one for adjusting an existing yellow.

For the "Yellow from scratch" path see the shirt on the left.  Its been sprayed Khaki and dry-brushed with Sandstone and then with Graveyard Bone (Reaper).

Next  is a thin, watery layer of Marigold Yellow (Reaper) but any orange yellow will do.  A more brown yellow also works here as this is just to establish tone and shadow.  Marigold Yellow is part of the Reaper yellow triad as the shade tone.

 Here you can see how watery and thin the coat is.  Basically the consistency of milk being careful to chase out the bubbles.  I often add a drop of Glaze Medium (Vallejo) which extends the working time of the paint and prevents tidal lines on the model.  I did that here.  I tend to use 1/4 to 1/3 when doing this.

The base yellow looks like this when dry.

 Next I'll dry-brush Pale Saffron (Reaper) this will establish the baseline color.  Pale Sapphron is a yellow Sunz Yellow.

I painted Pale Saffron first for the female model so we can see how to adjust an existing basic yellow.

I'll wash the existing yellow on the female model with Yellow Snow (Secret Weapon)and a drop of Glaze Medium, You can see how its now looking a bit like the male model with a sort of orangery tint in the shadows.  You can also achieve this with a very thin wash of made of any orange/yellow paint I often use premixed washes for consistency and ease.

A note, and shameless plug, about Secret Weapon washes.  They are very densely pigmented for a premix wash while remaining highly translucent. I often (as I did here) add a drop of Glaze Medium to them.  I tend to use them as targeted washes without dilution and area washes when diluted.

Secret Weapon can be ordered directly from their website where they offer a military discount on all of their products and deliver to APO/FPO addresses if your Local Brick and Mortar doesn't carry them.  A bottle of this stuff goes a very long way.

Once dry I layered Lemon Yellow (Reaper) to get a nice bright yellow.  I think the "Salvage Yellow" reads really well while the "Yellow from scratch" is more subtle.  That said they both do the job!

As a bonus you can jump directly to a very nice orange here by doing an area wash of Orange (Secret Weapon) or by diluting an orange paint to make a very thin wash. 

 Our "Yellow from scratch" workup on the pants of the figure on the right after one coat of Orange wash.

The last bit is lining. Often I use the old Black Lining technique to get separation of color and imply depth between say... skin and clothes... Black is an easy go to choice and works with almost everything but sometimes I prefer other dark colors.

Below I've used a Sepia Liner (Reaper) to add some definition and depth to the model.  Its especially helpful to outline light colors like white, yellow, pink... etc.. as they tend to just fade into the next color if left to their own devices.

This guy just needs his Prisoner ID number and a little more base work!

On the bench are Kingdom Death inspired terrains an amazing Raging Heroes champion and a gaggle of medieval children from Brugleburg.

Thats it for today!