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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Upper wing assembly installed

The upper wing assembly is in place and some additional filling is underway.  For once the weight of the beast was helpful in getting the wings to line up and hopefully these sturdy supports will be up to the task of supporting the wings and wing engines.  Now that these structures are in place I can tidy up the gaps and blend the paint together.

The next item to tackle will be the upper casement and the Gun itself as well as the topside gunner position.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Engines added to the Full Metal Thunderhawk

A few weeks have gone by since my last progress report.  In the interim my wife returned from an overseas deployment and we took a vacation.  Of course that lands us squarely in the holiday season so there are a lot of interruptions.  Realistically I won't get a whole lot done until after New Year.  In the meantime I am poking a stick at this when I have some time and am in the same building!  Here I've added the main bodies of the wing mounted engines.  The engines still have afterburners and the intake fan/nacelle but they can be added after the upper wing assembly.  Even though the pieces fit together snugly during the test fittings things have changed slightly so there will be some additional filling to work in.  I'm hoping to get the upper wing assembly installed this week as the wings cannot support the engine weight without it.  The elastic bands are doing a good job of stabilizing the situation but I'll feel better when the wings are finally locked in place.   Of course I have to finish the filling and blending before that can happen so I'm hoping to get to that tomorrow.

Name wise I ultimately went with went with Ferrum Ira many thanks to DimmyK!

I should be able to begin the display base layout now that the dimensions are known.  I have a lot of concept sketches that I need to put to scale.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lost in the Warp

No pictures today.  I've been out of town quite a lot lately so work here has ground to an unceremonious halt.   The last bit that I managed to finish was adding the lower tier of the upper hull to ye olde Thunderhawk.  Construction will likely be on haitus until the middle of the week when it should resume with a vengeance!

Bring the WAR!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Adding dimmer and a working name

No photos today.  I've decided to add in a dimmer so I can trim the level of light the spotlights put out.  For most viewing, in a well lit room, they are probably fine but in lower light situations and for photography purposes I'd like to be able to regulate the amount of light they put out.  The searchlights are on their own board but share a power supply with the board that controls the navigation lights.  I'll have to add in a pot to adjust only the board running the searchlights.  Fortunately there seems to be several spots on the hull where I can conceal the pot.

Otherwise I'm currently working on base coats for the upper hull sections and weathering the upper wing plates.  I wand to add the engines and upper wings soon because they bear the load of the main wing and keep it in alignment.  I can't finish that until I finalize the electronics though because the beastie will effectively be a sealed unit once the upper wings are installed.

As near as I can tell the naming conventions for the Dark Angels are very GW latin Dante-esque things so I've about settled on a name.

Caedis Irae

Maybe Frank can translate it for me... just to see if it doesn't really mean "Made of Fail" or something similar.
Or, since I haven't put the name on it yet maybe you can recommend something that works in the fact that this is the all metal version of the Thunderhawk....  Ferrus Ira(e) (not sure of the gender of Ferrus) or hmmm....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lights on

 The lights went on today.  The power coupling issue turned out to be a short due to an insufficiently wide opening damaging some insulation.  The cockpit lights turned out not to be a failure of pre-installation testing but rather that I physically broke one of the leads on the LED while positioning the cockpit.  That's all fixed and the cockpit is installed .. for the third (and hopefully final) time.

The searchlight fall areas are roughed in although the final layout will depend on how I approach the off board lights that should illuminate the upper structure of the model.
It is possible that the on board lights will be illumination landing crew work spaces instead of the landing gear.  From here I'll have to do the engines and upper structure.  I'm a little concerned about the Canard installation as I've closed the forward hull.  I've got them on long brass rod so it "should" be fairly straight forward to slide them into position even with the hull closed.  The top isn't pinned on so I could rip it out if need be.
Here you should be able to make out some of the cockpit lighting.  The fail photography doesn't help here but I'm happy with the way it turned out.  there are some illuminated buttons floor light and some side panel effects.  Its all pretty low key.

The next element that I'm really not looking forward to is adding the upper wing assembly.  Hopefully I've got the wings in good alignment when it comes time.  The wing engines will have to go on before the top wing is added and that sharply limits what little flexibility there is in the wing assembly.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Adventures in electricity.

Most of the last couple of days has been spent installing the wiring harness.  Day one it went all together but failed to actually work.  After a bit of head scratching on day two I got it all going but discovered that the blue LED for the cockpit displays had come loose.  This resulted in a rip out of the cockpit and then gluing the LED into its position in the mounting bracket.    After some cussing the cockpit got back into position.  It was a tricky process and required some minor repositioning of the pilots and some touch up of the dings they got on the way in.  I then relit the harness and discovered that the Blue LED is now dead...   I'm going to sleep on it but I think I may have to replace the LED.   The other major problem is that, while the light harness works when connected to the power supply, the actual off-board power coupler does not. I'll have to do some more tests to sort that.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Seachlights and Guns

 The forward gun sponsons are painted up and ready to install.  This won't happen for a bit yet as they (and many other detail bits) will make extensive handling of the model more complicated.  They'll be added after the superstructure is complete.  I'm currently sorting out lettering details before adding the lower wing assemblies.
Here are the roughed in searchlights.  I'm adding some stress reducers for the wires as the lights will be adjustable in most directions until their final positioning.  I need to weather the gaskets nearest the light housing to remove the shine and touch up some glue stains around the base of the sleeves.  You can also see the power coupling for the off-board power supply.  This will get a servitor carrying the power wire as part of the display base.

Friday, October 8, 2010

A jig, an engine and some dirt.

 Engine intake cowls are finished they were primed black then painted Bolt Gun Metal followed by a brush up of Dwarf Bronze and a really off color Shining Gold (All Workshop).  The final highlights are Rustungs Farbe which I believe is a Gamecraft paint labeled for the Fantasy Forest Hobby shop.
 The cockpit got a liner to reduce the effect of the back wall not being quite square.  I am still sorting out if I want to leave this shroud in place or replace it with some wire bundles.  The border of the cockpit has been painted in black and yellow industrial stripes since this photo was taken.  I'm still trimming the stripes and am not certain that I've gotten them to line up 100% yet. A large Imperial eagle has been added just in front of the cockpit and covers the surface flaw completely.

 I had to make a jig to hold the model on its side while I start weathering and detailing.  The jig has a hole in it to accommodate the wing struts and some cork coasters to hold the thing in place without damage.There are several hard decorative bits to attach as well as the bow bolter sponsons that will have to wait until both sides have had been nearly finished.
Here is some of the weathering.  There are several vents that have exhaust stains and a little battle damage as well as some just plain grime here.  I'll add flat art at this point and then adjust the weathering again before sealing it and flipping the model to do the other side.

Monday, October 4, 2010


 The Landing skids are just about ready to be installed.  I think there remains a little bit of work to do on the actual cylinders.  I'd like to add some oily residue and then polish the main cylinder surface.    The searchlight mountings are painted and installed. Once the skids go on I'll be able to run the actual light housings.  The main issue with the searchlights is that they won't be adjustable once the model is complete.  I'm thinking about ways to make the laterally mobile.. at least in a small arc but that would be the extent of it.  This means I'll likely have to wait to lock down their final facing until the model is essentially complete.

Next step is to weather the lower wing assemblies.  Ideally I can finish all of the underside weathering and not have to deal with lifting the model much after that.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cockpit in -- Underside weathering in progress

The cockpit is installed now and the undercarriage and landing gear are painted and weathered to the point that they can be installed as well.  Once the landing gear are in I can add the search lights.

Finishing the painting and weathering of the undercarriage will put the project in striking distance of adding in the engines and the lower wing assemblies.

I'm a little concerned that the forward landing gear well may be a weak point in the long term load bearing.  The forward landing gear are supported entirely on a thinned hull section.  My guess is that it may deform over time so I'm considering having the model settle slightly to the rear to focus the load in that direction. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rain rain!

Its been raining for a couple of days which is great!  ...except that...  I need to primer the exterior of the Thunderhawk.  I'm at a point where I need to assemble the bits containing the wiring harness so that I can insert the cockpit.  After pinning shut the front assault door (FAIL!) I will have to insert the cockpit from the top and guide it into position through the forward landing gear well.  This is way more complicated than it had to be but...there ya are!  Its still doable It will just take longer and it means I can't adjust the cockpit lighting much after the its installed.  The lighting for the cockpit at this point is an indicator light on a console between the crew members and some under dash and side lights.  Using the light to actually provide illumination turned out to be overpowering so it will be accent only... although I do hope there will be a faint glow through the canopy when its lowered... the canopy will normally be viewed in the open position and the lights will work well there.

I'll need to paint the hull enough to add the landing gear and the center line engine next.  The spotlights are going to be added to the back of the main hull and will really need the gear deployed to safely sit.  Once that is done the wiring can be finished and the installed harness retested.  I'll paint the top of the hull and all of the upper superstructure and wing flaps separately from the main hull just to reduce handling of the hull and to minimize handling the full weight of the hull at one time. I'll have to see if I can avoid installing the outboard engines when I attach the lower wing assemblies.  I'd like to hold off adding the weight of the outboard engines until I can add the upper wing support.  It won't be fatal if the engines have to be installed it just makes the whole business a bit harder to maneuver.

I'm still not certain what the whole mess will weigh at the end.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Worky bitz

The major task today was detailing the cockpit.  While I was doing that I came up with and interesting idea for lighting that I'll test tomorrow and see how it plays out. Basically I'll mount a 5mm blue LED inside the center console drill out an indicator light and drill a hole to illuminate the under dash area.  If that leaves insufficient glow I'll add another hole  to allow more direct access to the seats.

Other tasks were filling gaps in the Battle Cannon and the turret housing section, base coating the forward heavy bolter array, and working on the Runtbot display base. 
The Battle Cannon promises to be a chore.  Its not really round, even after a tremendous amount of filing.  the two halves are also not well cast and seem to really be only distantly related.  I'm going to add some wire piping to even out some of the details that are unbalanced looking and see how convincing I can make it.  Ultimately it may be easier and more visually satisfying to just fabricate a replacement barrel.  Because the model is rare I'm inclined to keep to the original parts as much as possible and have limited wholesale scratch building to  things not included in the original design... like the cockpit and the search lights. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Runtbot, a cockpit, and lots of green primer.

 Today I started laying out the display base for the Ork Runtbot.  So far I have the wooden core and the vague idea that the Runtbot is standing on a scrapheap.  Tomorrow I'll base coat the core and dry fit the major components.  The major fitting aim is to create a socket for the game base to sink into that disguises the removable game base... at least from the front.  I'd like this to look like its permanently mounted to the base but still be easily removable. 

Project Thunderhawk saw a lot of progress.  Several sub assemblies got a primer coat of green and more interior spaces got the flat black treatment.  The heavy bolter forward mountings were assembled and had some minor sculpting adjustments.  Mostly to continue the power cables which basically were just hanging out there.

The major work of the day was looking into a cockpit solution.  I discovered that the nose of the Thunderhawk can accommodate the lower chassis and cockpit of a Landspeeder.  The great thing about including the entire floorboard of the Landspeeder is that the cockpit assembly becomes enclosed and there is ample space on the floorboard to secure a LED mounting.  This should allow me to aim the LED very precisely.  At the moment I'm aiming for a blue illumination under the control panels.  If that doesn't go as well as imagined I may do a few fiber optic strands to more directly illuminate sections of the panel. 

Tomorrow, in addition to working on the Runtbot base I'll start painting the cockpit, drill the LED mounting hole, and look for an actual windscreen to replace the metal one that has been removed.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Books, Bomb Squigs, and Blue Tape

Today sees off the Bomb Squigs and started the interior prep for the Thunderhawk.  Since the model will be lighted I decided to caulk the interior with a paint-able caulk to eliminate light leaks.  Once the caulk is dry I'll spray the interior flat black.  I'm also spraying the interior engine well so the whole model ended up being taped.  The front assault door has been a huge issue.  The hull is not perfectly square and neither is the assault door.  Ultimately I had to set in four (4) pins to compensate for warp.  I elected to align the top of the ramp with the door, set the sides and an even elevation all round.  This left the bottom join slightly out of square but will sit in the position of least visibility.  I may add some flashing to the bottom lip to restore a square appearance

The interiors of the wing assemblies should not require much caulking as the LEDs associated with them are mounted on plugs and should be largely external.  I'll still spray the interiors black just to aid in painting.  Similarly the upper superstructure is separated from the main hull and should get the same treatment as the wings.  Once the caulking is finished I'll start on the cockpit detail.  My initial idea is to start with a land speeder cockpit.  It should get painted,  assembled, and illuminated prior to installing it in the hull.  Prior to affixing the cockpit the lighting harness will have to be installed.

Finally is a shot of the Codex binding for the Arbites Army.  Its a great job and will be fun to work with.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Books and Bugs!

Today the Sister's of Battle fortress Monastery gets another push in the form of an Adeptus Arbites Codex that a good friend has painstakingly assembled and bound up for me!  I'll use this as the basis for my Urban Suppression Army which will form up around Sisters of Battle and Adeptus Arbites.  I've been collecting bits for this for a long time and am anxious to start organizing units!  Of course I'll have to manage my time even better if I want to work on the actual army and still maintain my work schedule for for Geekfest Orks, Project Thunderhawk, and the Golden Demon 2011 submissions.   

I also finished up the Venomthrope and Hive Guard.  The Bomb squigs are getting their basing treatment but are otherwise finished.  Time to go delve into the new book!

Gunwagon Zzap!

Here is a more complete version of the Zzap! Gunwagon.  The last shot of it did not include the exhaust pipes, the big shoota on top of the 'ard case, or the weathering of the tracks and lower portions of the chassis.  I'm still deciding if I want to add a crewmember to the model.  I opened a hatch specifically to do that but have yet to come up with a working idea for it!  At this point I've realized that I need to do some searching around for some good source photos for distressed vehicles to really get a grip on the patterns and textures of rust.  I did experiment with some powdered pigments for the first time and I like the results... although I think I'll add more of it when I review the Ork vehicle fleet.  The weathering effect is, fortunately, something that can be added to or expanded upon easily after the model is otherwise complete.  I think I'll address the Ork fleet all at once to get a complimentary level of weathering across the whole thing.

Today I'm finishing up 2 Hive Guard, a Venomthrope, and 4 Bomb Squiqs.  That should make a good sized hole on my table that I can fill with Project Thunderhawk related work.

I'm thinking about bringing Orks to Geekfest this year so I'll have to be certain to review the army and inject projects into the workstream!  In the same vein the core of the display base for the Runtbot has been constructed and is ready for its work up.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Project Thunderhawk P.2 Light Harness

The light harness is complete and undergoing stress testing to verify battery life expectancy. With this 9v. configuration I'm expecting a bit less than 3 hours so am planning to move to an AA configuration with a target of 10 hours of operation.  This harness is for all the onboard systems while a separate circuit and power supply will address the offboard lighting.

Here are the dry fits off the spot light housings.  I think that they'll look fine when painted and should not require a diffusing lens cover to achieve the spot effect.

I've started the filling and sculpting to finish all of the roughed in areas now that I know how the harness will fit into the model.  The next block of work will be on finishing the greenstuff and primer/base coating the subassemblies.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Project Thunderhawk p2. prep

Today the mounting holes were drilled for the three belly searchlights and for the wingtip navigation lights.  The searchlights will be lit and should illuminate the landing gear while the Thunderhawk is on the base.  The navigation lights could not be mounted on the wingtips as would be traditional due to the placement and design of the wingtip bolter positions.  I assumed the craft to be readily visible from the rear with the huge engines firing and mounted the navigation lights on the leading edge of the wing just before the bolter positions.  This should give the best visibility.

Drilling the navigation mounts.
The searchlight enclosures were fabricated by turning some hard plastic boltcaps on a lathe.  Tomorrow they get drilled, have the telescoping swivel mounts fabricated, and have 5mm white LEDs set in. The cockpit will get a lighting feed with a blue LED.  The cockpit has yet to be fabricated so it will just be roughed in for the moment to test the loading.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Project Thunderhawk Phase 2

I acquired an old Workshop Metal Thunderhawk in 40k scale a few years ago and decided to actually build the thing.  The progress got interrupted for a bit as I moved and was unable to locate one of the two boxes it had been packed in.  A second move resulted in the rediscovery of both boxes so work can finally resume.

Phase 1 of Project Thunderhawk was construction, bracing, pinning, general engineering, and dry fitting of the major sub-assemblies.  This has been completed.

Phase 2 is designing, testing and installing the lighting solution.  This is where I am at the moment.

Phase 3 is designing, cutting, constructing, and lighting the display base.

Phase 4 is painting and final assembly. Some sub-assemblies are painted in earlier phases but will get final finishing in this phase.

Here are some shots of the end of phase 1:

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Nothing is quite finished yet but there are some updates as I have been working!

I've had three projects make good progress:

An update to a Gobsmasha...  I've had this Epicast piece kicking around since second edition and It was painted in one of the very bright cartoon Ork schemes that were popular at the time.  Here I've simply dirtied it up and distressed it a bit to make it better able to blend with my current grubby Ork scheme.
Updated old Gobsmasha

Continuing in the red theme there is a new Tyranid Hive Guard.  I love these guys and the strongly remind me of the old Zoat!  I may actually use some Zoats in this capacity for a lark... I'm liking the fleshy look of the cannon and am working on a second one of these.  This guy is essentially done except for the base.  I do a paper mache treatment for the Tyranid bases so like to do them in batches.  This guy is waiting on his sibling and a Venomthrope that is being worked along with it so they can benefit from the same base materials batch.

Finally there is Old Greasus...  I really hate this guy!  He is a huge figure and has been the reason why the update has taken so long.  I actually like big projects but this figure just takes a lot of work! He's only about 40% at the moment.  I hope to finish him up by ... Wednesday..ish... before I get to work on Project Thunderhawk!

So there are the active projects for this week.  Next week sees Project Thunderhawk enter phase II, work on the display base for the Runtbot, and work resumes on Campaign based fiction. Worky worky!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Work is progressing on the Runtbot.  I'll start the display base at this point and then revisit the figure for revisions after that gets done.  This has been a really fun figure to tinker with so far and the scenic base promises to be more of the same.  I'm wondering where the rules for this beastie show up... I'm guessing IA 8 ...  time to peek!

Next on Deck Greasus and some bugs.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Better pictures

The guys over at Stuff of Legends took some great pictures at Gamesday and got some great pictures two of my Golden Demon entries.  I'm terrible at the photo thing so am putting up their shots here. 

Stonecrusher Carnifex

... And the Blood Crusher Regiment.

I painted these up for the Big game in Boston and redid all the metals and the Banner in just prior to Gamesday.  The finishes on both of these projects were part flat and part gloss to convey the "otherworldly" quality of the Daemon flesh.  In retrospect I should have just gone with a dead flat finish.  I actually did not intend to go to the GD, and had never been to one in the US so these were initially intended as purely gaming pieces, I've got the bug now and am already working on next year's submissions.  This time doing them from the start as display pieces.  Both of these entries made First Cut so I'm feeling pretty good about my first foray.