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Monday, August 30, 2010

Better pictures

The guys over at Stuff of Legends took some great pictures at Gamesday and got some great pictures two of my Golden Demon entries.  I'm terrible at the photo thing so am putting up their shots here. 

Stonecrusher Carnifex

... And the Blood Crusher Regiment.

I painted these up for the Big game in Boston and redid all the metals and the Banner in just prior to Gamesday.  The finishes on both of these projects were part flat and part gloss to convey the "otherworldly" quality of the Daemon flesh.  In retrospect I should have just gone with a dead flat finish.  I actually did not intend to go to the GD, and had never been to one in the US so these were initially intended as purely gaming pieces, I've got the bug now and am already working on next year's submissions.  This time doing them from the start as display pieces.  Both of these entries made First Cut so I'm feeling pretty good about my first foray.

On deck this week are a Forge World Runtbot, which has been a blast to paint so far, A Venomthrope and a Hive Guard.  The painted Tyranid army is largely populated with old figures so I'm updating it a bit.  I've recently added a Mowloc and the Stone Crusher Carnifex (which is the only painted non metal Carnifex in the Army at the moment). I'm revisiting Prince Yriel now that I have more time to address it and am thinking about using him in a duel setting but its early days on that.

All pictures used with permission from Stuff of Legends


  1. Congrats on making the first cut!

    Would you mind elaborating on how you accomplished the effect on the Juggernaut's skin/banner? It's a great look...

  2. Thanks for the grats! I'm really pumped about it!

    I actually posted these as they were painted complete with pictures and they are all tagged "Juggernaut" if you'd like to take a look at them in progress. Interestingly the step by step posts detail the process that went into making the table top version of these. The main difference between them is that I went back and redid all the trim, cleaned up the claws and repainted the falling Khorne symbols and added the cool color temp chaos circle to the banner. Here is a cleaned up version of the bits that relate to the reds and patterns.

    The five Juggernauts of Khorne got their basic red treatments. Mechrite Red (citadel foundation) followed by dry-brushes with Harvest Orange (Apple Barrel) and Apricot (Apple Barrel) and a Baal Red (Citadel Washes) wash. The Citadel premixed washes, while expensive, are handy for repeating effects across large numbers of figures. The same effects can ,of course, be achieved by mixing our own washes but its quick and easy and doesn't require me to make a note of it in my color recipe book.

    The Juggers got a deep writing effect I'm painting in symbols in a non contrasting color scheme that I'll be able to bury in layers of glaze and wash. I'm going for the look of patterns and images appearing below the surface. I'll finish the Juggers red with gloss coat that will intensify the effect while finishing the trim flat for a textured contrast. The texture contrast also causes the yellows to leap out of the red in big way and compensated a bit for the overload of warm colors on the peice.

    Most of the deep symbols are painted in using reds and oranges over the red back drop and then applying several layers of red glaze to bury the symbols. The Standard was done in the same fashion primarily painting a web of red lines working up through orange to an Apricot color then burying the whole thing in several (about 3) layers of Baal Red. The intersections of the pattern were touched with Apricot and another wash of Baal Red. I added a Chaos circle of cool color to the banner to break up the tremendous amount of red on these.

    I applied a thin Clear Glaze to these. This will keep the red looking wet and protect the whole thing from handling wear while I work. My Daemon armies are finished with a clear glaze so they look wet and otherworldly... the shine becomes part of the effect. It, somewhat unfortunately, is difficult to photograph well due to reflections with lighting so the pieces tend to look really great in person and less great in photos.

    Hope that covers it... if not ask for more... I'm happy to chatter about it at length!

  3. That's perfect--exactly the sort of information I was looking for.

    I wanted to achieve a similar effect on my juggers--except I wanted it to be a bit darker. I s'pose I can achieve the same thing by either starting with a darker basecoat, or just mixing a little black into the washes.


  4. Yar a little black would likely do it. I was going for bright, fresh, wet blood there. Darker would be a nice, evil, drying/clotting blood and the subsurface designs would likely stand out more with that little bit of contrast the black would bring. I'd love to see them when you get underway.