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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hyrekia, Dragonthrall Mage and Angron WiP

 An RPG Personality from the Reaper Bones Kickstarter I Hyrekia, Dragonthrall Mage is the first up.

A pretty figure with shallow detail this is one of the minis where the Bones material has real differences other than the way it takes paint.  The staff is very flexible which I initially was worried about but it might actually prove to be more durable in play.  Only time will tell. 

Details are very shallowly incised in this sculpt which meant a little more work than is typical for a GW model but the edges were sharper than Raging Heroes.   After base coating the mini in vallejo flat flesh the majority of the mini was painted using a mix of vallejo ranges and GW washes with the exception of the hair which was mostly Reaper MSP fire triad and Secret Weapon washes.  I rather like the way the hair sorted out.  Colors were kept simple and I decided against adding patterns or lettering.  Its an RPG figure and I'll add some story based design bits as she advances.

The base was finished off with various slate and some flower clumps from Army Painter.

 Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters is an ambitious diorama with an inset gaming base.  Its a very ambitious kit featuring Angron fighting/slaughtering three loyalist Space Marines. I'm going with a couple of loyalist World Eaters and a Loyalist Death Guard.  I've seen this combo before but it suits the storyline of the piece so I'll risk the inevitable comparisons.
Angrons base armor is worked up from the Reaper MSP Autumn Gold triad and the loyalists use the Blue, Olive, and Bone triads.  I've been happy with these matched triad sets for the ease of creating a uniform scheme over large figure counts without having to rely on a my formula notes...  which I tend to lose or rediscover when I move every couple of years! 

Back to the bench!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Scibor Retinue Stunties and Mr Bones poses for Objective Markers

 Scibor has these great atmospheric Stunties (aka as Squats... shhhh) to help carry your cool war gear or your Xenophobic Message of the Day. 

I went a little crazy when I saw them and got the whole assortment... or at least all of it that I am aware of and put them to the brush.

Initially I had thought to use them as Watchers in the Dark and painted all the bases in Dark Angel colors for use in the ruins on The Rock but figures themselves don't really have that spooky vibe so.....

I did a set of them as Inquisition retinue.  Maybe a little odd using abhumans for that but some of them are obviously servitors, or at least well on their way, and it a perfectly acceptable hypocrisy to press them into Ecclesiarchy service.

The castings are relatively clean although there is some ambiguity in the harder to reach places, primarily the undersides of things but the resin has a good feel to it and I'm generally pleased with the product.  The sculpting is very cartoon like, which suits my painting style well.

Now to find a suitably thematic Inquisitor for them to escort!

The Heresy Suppression Force slowly fills out as a largely non-GW accessory.  The Sisters of Battle will be GW since I have a pile of them lying around but I'm thinking of spinning them up as a solo army and making the HSF a separate project entirely.  The HSF will be Raging Heroes.  I'd like to do wheeled, medium weight vehicles for them instead of a tracked heavy build to fit with the urban based, anti insurgent theme.  

" Hear Ye!, Hear Ye!  Today we HATE the Alien!"

To be fair they hated the Alien yesterday as well.  They probably hate you too!  Lots of hate in the Imperium!
 Here are a couple of armorer serfs for a Black Templar that I know... just a tad heretical!

"Hey Dracamir!  You gonna need your Boarding Party Gear today?"

 No retinue is complete without someone to carry your gun and a keg of your favorite beverage!

The keg can do double duty with my Dark Angels...

These guys could also make good objective markers themselves now that I think about it.  They serve no game purpose, other than possibly to represent wargear, and would look cool in that role.
Mr Bones!

He's cute and spooky in a Scooby Doo kinda way.  I thought I'd make use of him as a generic, color coded, objective marker set. The shovel just screams ... "Ok dig here!"

I failed when doing cleanup on these guys and the retain a lot of mold lines.  I might have to go back and do something about the most egregious of them.... the fingers!  I'll probably just paint them as rings and call it a day.  These are Tabletop quality after all!