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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Supreme Ironcaster on Greater Abyssal

Its a Mantic kind of day.  I'm trying to clear the stuff that is currently on the table while I begin preparing to move at the end of next month.

I started this guy a while back when my wife, my nephew, and myself went on a Dwarf jag!  This is the first of the Mantic Abyssal Dwarfs that I painted as a result of my participation in the Kings of War 2 ed. Kickstarter.

The model is huge and based on Mantic's Dragon.  It uses the plastic body and wings of that model and marrys it to a huge metal head/saddle/Ironcaster.  It's a good thing the base is so large as the model is tres top heavy!
 The model was painted in sub assemblies, sprayed black and brushed up with basic colors then washed and highlighted.  The saddle area got some patterning that was buried under a few layers of red glaze.

The Ironcaster himself has filed teeth and looks to be wearing clothes made out of large bits of material roughly stitched together.  A very... evil cannibal... kinda vibe. I elected to treat it as the tanned hides of fallen foes... possibly used in the process by which the Greater Abyssal, which is a denizen of The Pit and not actually related to Dragons, was bound to the Ironcaster's service.
 The Model will also Serve in my WHFB Chaos Dwarf army... which exists in my collection mainly as an allied contingent from 3 ed... I've been collecting for a bit and will update to the Tamurkhan list using an appropriately heretical mix of Mantic and GW models.

I still have not made the transition to Age of Sigmar... and I may not for mass Fantasy Battles.  I understand its a good, fun, game but its not Warhammer as I know it so instead of leaping directly into something Nothammer from GW I'm looking at a lot of different rule sets.  So far I've investigated Kings of War, 9th Age, Shieldwolf, and Warthrone to fill that Mass Fantasy Battle slot.  Of that group, so far, I prefer 9th Age and Kings of War.  Warthrone seems a bit twitchy with leadership and Shieldwolf isn't as far along in development as the rest. It's also entirely possible that I'll just fall back into a modified WHFB 3 ed. updated with the models and some the rules improvements of the later editions.

Friday, June 24, 2016

A Tale of Two Ravens part 2. and some TGG 2 freebies

 Raven the Chainbreaker.  Iconic Freedom fighter of the Jailbirds.  This model is in a great pose that such screams rage and rebellion. 

Here they are in both scales... heroic 28mm and 54 mm.

I've depicted her armed with silver ammunition and blessed guns thinking that she is the best, and possibly last, line against the Kurganov Werewolves that hunt the elusive rebel Jailbirds.
 In 28mm she'll take the field mostly against KST (Kurganov Storm Troopers) in my adaptaion.  She'll have bonuses against the KST (Particularly against werewolves) and will, of course, have a price on her head that would make her joining a Jailbirds Division unit in KST service impossible.

She is wearing Prison Pride Orange and appears as the Bloody Red Banner of Revolution itself. 

 The models come in 4 parts and this version is resin. 
 The 54 mm version was a lot of fun and allowed me to more easily see some of the details that I might have missed on the 28... like the little smiley face button and ribbon or the boot straps that are mixed in with the rags around her legs.
 Next on deck are a couple of metal version Jailbird Division LT Parkers and something from Mantic's Abyssal Dwarf Army.

 Lastly a couple more of the freebies from the TGG2 Kickstarter!

Based for Mordheim is Scout Celenia who will also often serve as a vampire hunter both in Mordheim and in Frostgrave.  With her is the mascot Tobias although this one is intended for use with the SF version of the Sisters of Eternal Mercy.

Scout Celenia has an awful lot of armor for a scout so I chalk it up to the vampire problem... and trimmed her with a little green just to be kind of scout-y...  I like the red blaze in the middle of her abdomen and she'll have that in common with the rest of her order.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Vending machines and mail boxes scatter/objective markers

  Scatter really brings life to a table and a game.  I decided to work on some Vending Machines and mailboxes I got from Armor Cast about a year ago.  It then occurred to me that they might also make really good objective markers so I also numbered them on the bottom.  I can just see it now... the Dark Eldar fighting desperately for the Soda Machine!

 The mailboxes have a symbol (stylized arrow) that I cooked up to be the logo for the Kurganov Postal Service, or the Imperial Post..  Kind of still chewing those over so there ya are... a logo but missing the national emblem.  I left space for Imperial Eagles and am leaning in that direction. 

Typical from Armor Cast the resin had a fairly large number of bubbles but most of that occurred on the back of the vending machines and a bit in the snack items themselves.  Nonetheless they cleaned up well and took paint readily.  I really like the snack machines varied inventory.

 As usual the drink Machines became ZoT dispensers! "If its Hot grab a ZoT!"  I see ZoT as the signature drink of my Jailbirds... an energy drink with a big kick! Drink ICE COLD! for maximum effect!

 The snack company is L&R Snacks non-stop.

 "Loud & Ragin' --- Coyote Style!" Non Stop snacks for every mission!

That is some essential Coyote Crew food!

The name is, of course, a nod to Raging Heroes and the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy!

I failed to do before and after shots... ack!  I just grabbed some stuff and started painting!

I'm pretty happy with these machines and boxes and will have to keep an eye out for more in the same vein.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Daughters of the Crucible TGG2

Daughters of the Crucible

Communication with the colony of Rorschach IV had been lost months ago and the Sisters of Eternal Mercy had dispatched the Daughters of the Crucible to find out why.  It was now clear that it had fallen victim to the predations of Void Elf pirates.

Unencumbered by the iconic power-armored habits favored by the rest of the Sisters the Daughters moved silently through the murky darkness of the warehouse in their own trademark body gloves. The Void Elves, under their infamous leader Ashara, had converted this structure into slave pens for the former inhabitants of the mining colony searching for control functions and guards.  The Daughters were careful not to alert any of the prisoners to their presence to preserve the element of surprise.  Clad as they were they could easily be mistaken for elves in the darkness, by humans anyway, so they moved quickly and purposefully about their mission.  Any Void Elf encountered was quickly, and silently, subdued by lightning quick strikes with bare hand and foot.  The Daughters have such control of their unique spiritual Martial Art that they seem to defy gravity itself when on the move.  Each silent punch, or kick, in the dark guided by the sure knowledge that an adversary would cross it's path.  Once on station Sister "Cookie" La Loca began the Mass, the flashes from her brace of double barreled revolvers turned the warehouse into a stop action film as she was illuminated, eyes closed, firing serenely and precisely into the Void Elf command element.  She recited "Darkness and Light"  as she fired and, at each congregational response, the other Sisters added their individual voice to the smoking darkness each consumed by ecstatic epiphany as she rode the "Sight" and the veritable hail of bullets never finding an accidental target... if targets were even the right word.  Sister Spookie Pepi, almost ethereal in the smoke and broken light, walked forward firing her brace of pistols, seemingly at random, while Void elves fell, surprised... as if they just happened into the line of fire.  By the time the prayer was complete the Void Elves had been destroyed and the liberation of the faithful could begin.

The Daughters of the Crucible are one of the few Orders dedicated primarily to service and street ministry maintained by the Sisters of Eternal Mercy.  Often seen among the masses of the cities they maintain close contact with the lowest members of the societies they serve and have become adept  at infiltration, quick strike, rapid response and covert operations.  The Daughters are among the most beloved units fielded by the Order and are uniquely equipped for their task.  They have always maintained their direct connection to the people they serve, even as the rest of the Sisters of Eternal Mercy drifted into splendid isolation and political distraction.  They are among the most spiritual of the Sisters that remain visible to the people, famed for their charity and compassion, their movements are almost magical. Typically they are employed independently, at squad strength or less, for missions where a full Battle Congregation would be difficult or impossible to use.  They are also used when the Order deploys a full Congregation in the role of scout or saboteur.

Equipment and abilities:

Eschewing the signature power armored habits of the Sisterhood at large in favor of psychically sensitive body gloves that neutralize their silhouette, scent, sound, and heat signatures to maximize their infiltration abilities they also carry unique double barreled revolvers which allow for very high burst rates of close range fire and they ability to carry specialized munitions.  The Daughters are also masters of unarmed combat and both abilities are influenced by their devotion.  They appear to have a precognitive  ability they call "The Sight" triggered by ritual prayer which permits them to melee or fire with their eyes closed for a boost to accuracy.  They are not technically even aiming at an opponent in this state but firing down lines of destiny and probability where their opponents literally move to intercept the bullet, foot, or fist that just happens to cross their path. This is an especially useful ability for night fighting and ambush tactics.   

I think there will be 9 different models for this unit (4 in the troops set and 5 in the command group) I managed to get 4 but am not certain which group set the come from... and it may be both.

Most of the Sisters of Eternal Mercy are armored up and they even have some terminator equivalents. The exceptions are the Davidians, which make great stand ins for Repentia, and the Daughters of the Crucible which I'll likely use as agents of the Inquisition or part of an Inquisitor's retinue. 
 The colors here are chosen to fit in with a daemon Hunter army that has been a regular feature at the annual Geekfest.  I recently acquired it from it's builder and painter A.M. and it'll be the subject of its own post in the near future... but more on that later!

I thought about adding Inquisition Icons to these, and left room to do it later, but I have hopes that Raging Heroes might produce their own game so decide to hold off a little while on the specific details.
 Ahh here is one of the Freebies from the TGG2 it's a mascot for the Sister's and... ack!  I can't remember if it's Vladimir or Tobias!  I have it labelled as Tobias but now.... I wonder!

I decided to go completely fanciful with the color scheme to emphasize its chimerical nature.  Kind of like an attack Owl/Parrot/Raccoon... in crazy colors!

The wee beastie is on a log which I extended a bit with greenstuff to get a better angle when viewed from the tabletop.  I typically paint things for view from three feet and on a gaming surface.  Often there are really cool figures with gorgeous faces.... looking down... and thus... un-viewable in the game environment.  I try to notice this and adjust the angles where I can.
 The sisters have colorful names as they are unit of Heroines or Champion types and not really faceless troopers.  From top to bottom of the post they are:  Sister "Cha Cha" Clemencia, Sister "Cookie" La Loca, Sister "Spookie" Pepi, and Sister "Two Tricks" Felicidad.
 The Daughters of the Crucible are part of the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy 2 Kickstarter from Raging Heroes.  If you like these you can still pledge for a couple of more days. They plan to open the Pledge Manager this week and will close pledges at that time.