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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Reaper Fire Giants

 When I first started thinking about getting back into tabletop roleplaying I realized that, for many years, I had been so focused on tabletop wargaming that my collection was stored in such a way or lacked the depth of minis Id like to have for RPGs .

Enter Reaper Bones Kickstarter!

These represented and affordable way to get my collection of dedicated roleplaying minis up to speed.  The Bones II Kickstarter continued in the same vein and these are from that project.

This group represents King Skorg Ironskull, Queen Vanja, and a Body Guard.

I've based these using gravel chips, which makes the bases quite heavy, to keep in theme with the Fire Giants from the Bones I group I did earlier.  That group had yellow spot colors instead of the green I used here.  I like the green better and am imagining the difference to be due to this being a Royal group while the previous set was rank and file warriors.

 I really like the body Guard model.  It's simple but has enough little decorations to differentiate it from the regular warriors.
 King Skorg Ironskull cuts a huge, and angry, figure. 

The skin was worked up from Vallejo Rose Brown and a wash of Secret Weapon Ruby.

The Base was Painted with Americana Alizarin Crimson.  This is a very inexpensive craft paint and really useful for times like this since the tiny gravel really eats a lot of paint on the base coat.  This was then dry brushed with Reaper Fire Orange twice.  GW Blood for the Blood God was applied to make little valleys of deep red and then a final, light, dry-brush of Vallejo Sunny Skin Tone to tie it all together.
 The Greens were worked up from the Reaper Olive Triad, washed with Secret Weapon Baby Poop, and then highlighted with Vallejo German Camouflage Bright Green from the Flames of War line.

Yellow metals were Army Painter Gold, Secret Weapon Flesh Wash, Vallejo Model Color Gold and Fantasy Forest Rustungs Farbe... (read silver of some sort)
 Vanja, Fire Giant Queen was one of my favorite concept drawings from the Bones II Kickstarter and the sculpt was pretty good too!  I really love the massive pile of hair!

 Hair being Vallejo Scrofulous Brown, Reaper Buckskin Pale and Secret Weapon Ruby wash.  The same process was used for all three giants but you'll notice Vanja's hair is a bit darker... I accidentally hit her head with a brush load of glistening green that I was unable to remove completely so I use a little Reaper Yellow from the yellow Triad, redid the buckskin pale and rewashed the ruby.  I think it gave a little more depth having done the process twice so... a fortuitous accident in my book!
 White metals were Vallejo Gun Metal Grey, P3 Armor Wash and a light brush up with Rustungs Farbe.
 As befits a Queen she has a fair load of gems on her.  I mixed the colors with red, yellow and green gems.
... and I almost forgot!  Since these are giants it might be nice to see them alongside a regular sized model!  So Here is Yoko the Psycho, from the Raging Heroes Toughest Girls of the Galaxy, being eyed suspiciously by the Fire Giant Body Guard... Careful Yoko that flamer isn't gonna scare this guy!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

LT Parker in two versions

 A quick post as I'm madly getting things together for the impending move...

Two of the metal version of LT Parker from Raging Heroes TGG 1.

This was a very popular sculpt and has great imagery for a small unit champion/commander.  We see her carrying the ubiquitous ZoT! Energy Drink, both in hand and couple of cans spilling out of her pack,  sporting some official ZoT! Sun Shades, and smoking A Lucky ZoT! Glow Stick!  She is ready for action!
I've done her as Basic LT Parker in Olive, Brown and Ivory and as Veteran LT Parker in Prison Pride colors.  The kit comes with an alternate arm which I've used in the Veteran version.  It looks like a power glove of some sort but could also pass for a target designation device.

Due to my general incompetence as a photographer the rear view picture came out in this crazy low res that reminded me really strongly of the Borderlands art style... I may have to investigate that further, I mean the Jailbirds are already towing some Claptraps around! Making Lemonade!

Olives were worked up from Reaper Olive Triad and Secret Weapon Sewer Water, Ivory from P3 Menoth White Base, and Menoth White Highlight,  Prison Orange was Vallejo Scabrous Brown washed over white primer, washed with Secret weapon Orange and Secret Weapon Yellow Snow.  Anime blue hair was Reaper Nightmare Black washed over white Primer, highlighted with Vallejo Sky Blue and washed over with Secret Weapon Sapphire.  Anime pink hair was Reaper Brains Pink washed over with Secret Weapon Ruby.  ZoT! signature green was old Citadel Glistening Green washed over with Secret Weapon Sewer Water.

Hopefully I'll get some Reaper Bones up a bit later this week.  Then I'm hoping to get Space Papess Arthemesia VI, some scatter, and a pile of movement trays up before the pack out.