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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tabletop World Building of the Week: Townhouse 1

 Tabletop World Building of the Week is Townhouse 1... x2!

These are unmodified so I'll have to alter the entrance debris a bit for the next one... not everyone has a mop and bucket leaning by the front door! 
 This is your basic townhouse.  We saw Townhouse 3 a few posts ago and it is an extravagant monster of a dwelling suitable for a prosperous merchant or something similar.

Townhouse 1 is a much more basic structure.  It is a little bit larger than the cottage and implies a full second floor (unlike the cottage where a loft is implied).  Only the first floor is accessible for use.
 Mortaria Noctis is standing in for scale again.

As with all Tabletop World models it comes pre-cleaned and ready to paint.  I often get asked how I can finish these so rapidly.  The best answer is they are ready to paint right out of the box,,,no prep!  add to that my total, and quite cheaty face addiction to Secret weapon washes and they just hop off the table.
 Wrapping up the first shipment of Jailbirds you can see on of the few metal models I had shipped... the Aliens inspired Cruz.  The Heavy Weapon personality of the faction has plenty of attitude and a choice of two big guns.  I got to play with the green stuff a bit to get the bases into theme... fun fun fun!!  I've got Punky, the army standard on the table as well and then I'll hop over to Iron Empire for a bit and get mah purple on!


  1. I was so happy secret weapon had a sale on BF. 20% off their washes? Yes please. I now have a full much color! I used some of the green to make a silly OSL effect on some scarab bases!

    I love the pose of the jailbirds heavy weapon lady. You don't need me gushing anymore over your buildings. :) Thought part of me wants to see one that caught on fire and is now ruined.

  2. Hey Greg! Once you mentioned the Secret Weapon sale I popped over and ordered some stuffs... restocks on specific washes and... a couple of the vehicles to give the Jailbirds some support! Basically I'm doing a different vehicle system for each faction. Wheels for the jailbirds, Tracks for KST, and Walkers for Iron Empire.

    ... and you know... the building on Fire is a great Idea... maybe I can make 'on fire' tops for them so any of the buildings can become destroyed during a game! Might be YUMMY! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Ooooh fire tops! That is even better. I wonder if they make a burnt building kit...kinda of all ruined, the shell of a building you could all charr up. That would probably be serious fun after making everything so gosh darn gorgeous!

      I am seriously obsessed with their washes now. They are just so great...maybe it's the dropper bottles...or the fact I use a palette now instead of just letting everything dry out.

    2. I don't think they have destroyed version in their active catalogue at the moment... their list of 'no longer available' models is long and .... AAAARRRGGGHH.. I really want the medieval factory! So it looks like a project! Either a flaming harness to add to the roofs... or replacement roofs. The harness would be easier and more generic but... replacement roofs... since they would have to be tailored for each building... would allow for the flaming/ruin effect while still using the interior which could include some 'drop in' interior details like beams collapsing or wall flames type scatter.

      It would be glorious!

      Oh yeah and the SW washes... I started experimenting with them when I did the massive Contagion Warband salvage project... I've been an addict ever since! MOAR WASH!

    3. Awwww Yeah! Hobby excitement! Oh man...just looked up the factory online! What a great kit!

    4. Yes... delicious... and ....sadly.... extinct! Exciting thought!