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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hilda Von Stroheim and Volks Ayanami Rei 1/4 Bust

 The Ladies Hilda Von Stroheim from the Raging Heroes TGG Kickstarter shown here in primary and alternate builds.  A very imperious pose suitable for a Force Commander.

 This would make a good Death Korps of Krieg Artillery Commander 'counts as'  Gas mask and field telescope.

For my purposes the half cape is an element command insignia and might get color coded probably by changing the border color to match a unit type.  As usual these are mounted on Secret Weapon 'Trenchworks' series bases.  For this project I've added 1" washers to give the figures some weight and stability on the tabletop.

The capes are still plain pending unit construction.  Lots of room for Faction Icons and unit symbols but the structure of this set is still kind of in flux so I'll have to revisit those once I settle things a bit.

 The Helmetless head is awesome and very regal.  She'd also make a decent inquisitor come to think of it.  I'd always thought of the Heresey Suppression Force to be a Sisters of Battle based formation  but I'm starting to like the pageantry of the Iron Empire for Inquisition Shock Troops.
 Intolerance personified!
 The two heads allow for good positioning that rotates the front focus of the miniature making them look more unique.
Finally the Volks Ayamani Rei 1/4 bust.  We picked this up for a great price at the Mandarake in Akiba on the last trip out there.  I had some trouble cleaning mold release residue and will have to try out the Volks resin cleaner on the next big kit.  I has a lot of fun with the eyes and can start adding Anime style eyes to other projects now that I'm familiar with the structure.

She's all one massive piece but needed significant filling due to a really deep mold line seam.  Still she was fun to work on and will make a great centerpiece on our Evangelion display shelf.


  1. Great job on the raging heroes mini's. It's good to see these finally popping up on the blog spheres. The scheme you picked works really nicely. How many models did you end up getting?

    1. Thanks Greg!

      I like the Imperial Hubris feel of the Iron Empire so I went with Royal feeling colors. The troopers themselves should not be so regal as these officers but will still have the same fell to them... For the Jailbirds it will be a lot less formal and maybe a little Tank Girl... while the Kurganovas will be more Inquisition red themed.

      Which brings me to part two of your comment.... basically a ton of figures.

      My wife fell in love with the Raging Heroes stuff a while back so we ended up going all in on the Kickstarter. We wound up with all the models... and multiples of all of them to accommodate alternate heads and gear... as well as about 10 squads per faction (Iron Empire, Kurganova, Jailbirds) worth of the troopers three of each of the mecha and a bike squad plus one heavy per faction.. three sets per faction of snipers ... five sets of lulus... all of the the large scale figures... the hand poured resin set etc...

      Basically all of them and then some! Yeah... we are a bit touched... sigh

      Anyway that means I'll be painting like mad for a bit on this project!

    2. That's wonderful to hear Swelter! I had just done the robotech kickstarter before the raging heroes started up, and made myself hold back (as I dumped 200 on the robotech stuff). In hindsight, I wish I had gone with raging heroes. Their mini quality seems significantly higher then the robotech stuff coming out. I'm definitely going to back their new sisters style (sisters of eternal mercy I think) whenever that starts off.

      So you can imagine I'm happy to find someone that not only backed the raging heroes, but is painting them up so nicely! I look forward to all your future posts!

    3. Awesome! We're looking forward to the next one as well. We had already been long time customers of theirs when the Kickstarter craze happened we had a lot of confidence in it. Thanks for tuning in! There will be a lot more to see! I think the next batch of RH stuff on the table will be Lulu's and One Shot Blondie... followed by the rest of the Jailbirds from Wave 1. Then off to Kurganova land. Of course there are other things that will creep into the workflow just to keep things lively.