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Sunday, May 22, 2016

JR Miniatures Reactor Building Ruins and Destroyed Robotics Lab and more...

A while back I picked up JR Miniatures' Reactor Building Ruins and Destroyed Robotics Lab.  I got a set as a gift for my nephew and a set for myself which languished in the box for the next couple of years while we moved around the world... twice! 

I recently unearthed my set from the big pile of boxes and decided to paint them up as I had turned up short on SF terrain for a game this week.

This first one is the Reactor Building Ruins.  I got started with a black spray paint than worked up the interior walls as plastered, tiled, and metal.  When thinking about ruins, especially modern or SF I tend to think gray.  Not because the building might have originally been gray but more that they were probably constructed primarily of concrete or something similar... this will be pulverized in the destruction of the building and coat everything with the gray dust.

You can see Mortaria for scale wandering through the ruins.

First came the plaster which is Menoth Base (P3) and a brush up of Splintered Bone (Reaper).

Grays were next using Dark Grey (Craft Smart) and a brush up of Misty White (Reaper)

After the grays I did metals using gun metal gray (Vallejo) then the GW technical paints Ryza Rust and Typhus Corrosion with top brush of Misty Gray (Reaper) and Rustungs Farbe (Old Gamecraft labelled Fantasy Forest... but yeah its just silver :))

The chest was done using my standard wood process described in detail here 

I kind of liked the textured walls that make the building look reinforced.

I'm not really sure how the building names were derived although the Destroyed Robotics Lab has a lot of regularly spaced holes in the walls like for power conduits or tubing of some sort. 

 Here is a "before shot" , I find I often skip that because I just see the finished thing in my head.

 I liked the layout of these and they are really useful terrain pieces on the tabletop.  The spacing is very good and the models take paint very well.  The two buildings took were turned out in a couple of hours with almost zero prep.

As the games progress I'll add slogans and posters etc... evolving scenery!

 Next up A few shots of the WiP Raging Heroes 54mm Raven the Chainbreaker. 

There was some minor bubbling mostly in the top of the head and in the small of the back.  This bubbling was mild and the tiny pits were easily filled with liquid greenstuff. Bubbling of this type is common and not a cause for concern. 

Otherwise the casting was very clean with just a couple of vents in the small of the back to sort out.

I did manage to break the connecting chain between the to poles of her back banner while cleaning the model but I kind of liked the way it looked broken so just cleaned up around the chain link and left it swinging free.
 Here you can see the elements of the base being worked in.  The base is built up with white pumice (vallejo) some square brass tube (GW) and a resin scanner (GW).
 I got really excited about the incoming Toughest Girls of the Galaxy 2: Darkness and Light Kickstarter and began working on basing schemes for the various factions.

 I settled on this for the basic SF Sister's of the Chalice.  I then realized that the Sister's have no "Bike" equivalent so I'll redirect these bike bases to the Jailbirds... so I guess you'll be seeing those bikes in the near future!
... and finally... a glimpse at the main painting tray. I seem to have a dozen figures on the tray all in various states of WiP...

It has some really cool stuff on it... more on those next time!


  1. 1) I love those bases, they are fantastic.
    2) Thanks for the before and after photo! I was wondering what they looked like.
    3) Building paint jobs are ace. You just do fantastic building work!

    1. Thanks Greg! I really love the textures in buildings and I'm hoping to be able to translate that to vehicles when I get back into them in a big way.

      I'm trying to remember to do before shots these days as well as scale comparisons.

      I like to do a pile of reference bases for each faction... they get touched up and added to sometimes but it helps me keep big batches look kind of similar.

    2. That's really smart! I generally use my blog for that, and just make sure I talk about the paints I'm using while I work!

      I know smart painters actually have apps, which have their entire paint collection scanned in, then they assign the paints to each project. Keeps track of inventory and what paints will be needed for what projects. Sounds impressive but I'm lazy.

    3. Wow that app thing sounds.. labor intensive! haha! Actually it sounds brilliant as I am always forgetting recipes... I started the blog mostly to keep track of those recipes since I move so often and the books sometimes don't turn up immediately.