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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Seeing the red in Dreadtober and a special package from Raging Heroes arrives

 Scurrying along through reds and yellow metals... it's finally starting to look like something!

 The throne is the only real sub-assembly... everything else hangs off this more or less directly so once the inner, hard to reach, bits are finished it'll be time to put it together.
This will be a battle worn throne... not pristine but still very proud... and very JUDGY!

 I see you XENOS SCUM and I meet you with the fire of intolerance and the closed mind of the fanatic!


What do we do with the guilty?


For the Emperor!

Whew! It's kind of a workout to be a nutjob!  But it does set the mood for the paint scheme!

And then a package arrived from Raging Heroes!  I'm always happy to see these and this one was kind of special!

 I think this finishes out the TGG1 except for the Art Book.  It contains the rest of the Jailbirds, an extra trike for each faction, an additional Nepharya (in metal), the larger (nominally 54mm) miniatures, and the Connoisseur box of hand poured resins. Also the super cool drink coasters!  I get a lot of comments on these and have to keep a close eye on them when company is about!

 I'm using the cool drink coasters for a scale indicator... DoH beer abuse!

Anyway these are not 54mm... this is the 28mm Kiki the Bulldozer, Human Biological Experiment Survivor...  She's really enormous!

 The 54mm mascots.  They'll be great to paint at this scale and look good in a cabinet!  Of course they'll also be right at home as objective markers! 
 And then there was this... the Connoisseur Box!

Bubbles and security tape....
 Shiny black box.....
 Oh... interesting inside!  Some certificates of authenticity, very cool looking!
 Individual paper sleeves for the girls.  Each with their name and faction affiliation.
A box of chocolate?  How sweet!

Er... ack!

That's Nepharya in there!

I really like that they boxed her although a coffin shaped box would have been totally awesome for the Necro Priestess ;) !

The Connoisseur box was only partly about the miniatures for me.  It does have one of each of the Heroines from the Toughest Girls in the Galaxy Kickstarter in High Quality hand poured resin.  That is cool as far as it goes... but it also came bundled with two video conferences and these turned out to be amazing!

The two online sessions with the Benoit and Mireillle learning about the design process, art direction in general, some really nice zbrush instruction, and, the real gem, the ability to chat with the team and ask questions about the direction and scope of their plans for the universe... pester them to make vehicles... tell them what kind of vehicles and suggest some styles for the different factions  These session went a lot longer than originally planned (probably 6 to 8... or more hours each session) so we ended up having many hours of time together.  It was exciting and I felt a strong, and very personal, connection to this project and to the amazing little company that is Raging Heroes!

The funny part is that without the box of miniatures.... I might not have done the video sessions and would have missed out on the really great experience.


  1. that a giant giant sculpt in the box? I want more photos!

    1. Yar! Its a big Nepharya Necro Priestess! More photos soon to come! I'll have to get back rolling on the RH wagon for a bit to get practiced up... they are a slightly different beast to paint.

      Doing the retro Throne has been a lot of fun... the model design is really Mad Max style... I always thought this thing was more of a Necromunda Mega Boss than a 40k model!

  2. Sweet! I love the raging heroes models. Cant wait to see you apply some paint to them.

    The throne is coming along really nicely too. Looks like the sub assembly for painting was a very wise move :)

    1. Thanks! Its really rolling along now and the sub-assembly has grown a bit... the next round of photos should be a big step ahead.

      I really love these RH models... I'm going to work on the Iron Empire Mecha next... In keeping with the whole Dreadtober theme...YAR!