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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Raging Heroes Jailbird Troops

So I finally gelled on troop themes...  I'm still shooting for the refugee army thing but the troops ended up being slightly more uniformed than I remembered.   Its OK though as they have a lot of personality and the variety from the ball joint style construction should be really excellent.

 On the Veteran Sergeant I failed to notice that an officer's torso was in the kit... oops... next time!

These come with a lot of spare parts and weapon options.  I'll have to keep an eye on the weapon mix going forward and make sure to build several of each option of special and heavy-ish weapon.  Its a bit odd for heavies as most of those should be covered by the weapon teams. 

A lot of work got done on the Codex for each faction which helps when deciding how to build squads.  Those will go up once I've kicked them a few more times.

Each group of five came with eight heads so... loads of variation down the road.

I decided for the veterans I'd go with a "Prison Pride" vibe and have them in, or in portions of, their prison uniforms.   Now that I've said that I might want to add id numbers in.... I'll leave those till the end.

The Lookout!  Might have to make that an actual job in the fluff.

 For the regulars I'm going to have a variety of non-orange clothes. I figure I'll paint each batch up in a similar way and then mix and match to get the right mix of military green, workman blue, khaki, and whatever else strikes my fancy.  We'll have to see how that grand plan works out!
 There are some blood red uniform accents scattered throughout... the "Bloody Red Banner of Revolution"  I imagine that the Kurganova Overlords frown upon such displays in the Jailbird Division but the girls are Tough! and quite used to KST disapproval.

 Washes and glazes over white primer. Some layering particularly on the gun details and on the Veteran Sergeant's epaulettes. 


  1. The prison vibe is a great idea. That really helps seperate the unit out, and keeps with the flavor of the jailbirds! These are some great mini's. I've been very impressed with raging heroes entire line. Their sculpts have a ton of character in them. (which your paintjob just helps pop out!)

    1. Thanks Greg! I wanted an easy way to see the Veterans and the Prison Orange seemed to work with the fluff... and they are really easy to find! I was surprised by the huge amount of spare parts (even though they listed clearly that it would be the case) These are from the Jailbird Regular, and Jailbird Regular Command groups. I got those in equal numbers and the parts are interchangeable so, for example, I end up with 16 head variations just from those two packs.

    2. It makes me crazy excited for their sisters of eternal mercy. I think even if GW pushes out their sisters in time, I'm still going to back raging heroes next kickstarter, partially due to all your awesome posts!

    3. Awesome! I'm happy to help spread the Heresy! I'm really excited about that KS as I'm a huge Sisters fan but I have dreaded the launch of it at the it at the same time because I'll likely be all in on it... ouch! Fortunately my wife really loves the RH stuff and vetoes any suggestion that I exercise some, or even any, restraint on things RH.

    4. Haha! That's good. My girl keeps asking when I'm going to paint the knight. She loves imperial knights. "Is it time to work on the knight yet? Nooo...more orksies." Oh.

    5. Haha but.... DA BOYZ! :) ... though Knights... are cool... gotta get one sometime! but.... DA BOYZ!

  2. What did you use to get rid of the resin release. I'm seriously having problems with mine. I'm having to leave them in sugar soap for days then use a dulux spray undercoat. Anything else and the paint just falls off.

    1. Sorry I missed your comment!

      I've had big problems with paint adhesion as well. I've finally settled on scrubbing with dish soap and water then soaking them overnight in a fresh batch of dish soap and water. Scrubbing, rinsing in clean water, drying with paper towel and them letting sit open air for at least day before primer.

      I love these models but the material really demands a lot more prep than anything else I've ever worked with.

      Let me know if you find any better methods!