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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Raging Heroes Jailbird Snipers and a Secret Weapon Rapid Assault Vehicle

 The first of the second wave Jailbird troops is the three model 'monoblock' sniper unit.

Some of the stances are quite wide which made for a challenge in basing.  It was fun though and worked out pretty well.

Sniper 1 had the widest stance and is really a bit too wide for a 25mm round... digging around though I came up with a basing strategy I liked.

 I used more subdued colors for the sniper team... (other than hair!) as they have obviously made some attempt at camouflage in the sculpt itself.  The regular troopers will likely be a bit less concerned with the whole 'concealment thang'
 Sniper three also had a very marked stance that I interpreted as 'kinda sitting' so a box was dug up to act as a stabilizing seat!  Making the resin bases work for ya!  I believe these first two bases are Secret Weapon.
 The models in full camo get up were just a bit drab... colorwise... compared to the personalities in wave one so they got some brightly colored hair to help them fit in.

 Sniper two is on the move and has a less extreme stance.  I fitted her on a GW basing kit round.
 The reflective glasses are also just to help these not look like little brown blobs at the three foot range... points of color to focus things a bit.
 I have second section of these in process because... SNIPERS!  I'll have to vary the basing a bit but not by a lot.

 These were worked up using Secret Weapon washes over Flames of War base coats.
 Here are the snipers deploying from the (WiP)  Secret Weapon Rapid Assault Vehicle.  It appears to have firing ports so will have a small unit (4) (like a sniper section+1) transport capacity in addition to its role as primary armored combatant in Jailbird service.
 The sniper poses really work round the vehicle!

 .... and.... I promised Greg that I'd do a size comparison for the Secret Weapon Kit...

... before I discovered that I haven't actually unpacked any comparable vehicles since the big move 6 months ago... and.... I'm probably moving again in less than six months so.... I'm probably not going to unpack anything more at the moment!  Ooops!  Sorry Greg... I thought I had some proper chimeras and rhinos to compare them with.

 What I did manage to find.... a Nurgle-fied Land Raider Crusader from the Contagion Salvage Project I did last year.... although the rhinos from that same project  are apparently still packed in a different box... and a Forgeworld Grot Mega-Tank (or "GROTZILLA" as we refer to it) that was painted up in a couple of hours for "Geekfest" a few years ago.

Because OF COURSE everyon knows the dimensions of GROTZILLA!

Seriously though... I promise to dig up some relevant vehicles for ya ... soon! 


  1. have a grot mega tank? How could I like this blog anymore...i mean honestly. Thanks so much for hte size pics. Looks about the size of a rhino/predator hull which is awesome!

    Snipers looked a bit muted in the first few photos, but popped up when put next to the tank. Nice work on making them more camo like! You are assembling quite the army here!

    1. That is Zoggit! Boss of da Grot TANKAS! a very silly unit of Grotzilla and a pile little scrap tanks! WAAAAGH!

      Thanks for the comments! I really do paint for the 3-4 foot effect so it was important to get the camo unit to still 'pop' on the tabletop. Its working out. Plus... I really need to adjust the white values on this new camera! that gray background is really white... makes them look a bit more subdued than they really are.... putting them next to the drab RAV shows them to be a bit brighter than they first appear. The RAV looks like a great fit size wise and comparable to a Rhino/Predator in size.

    2. Hey Greg, I fiddled with the white balance in the camera and retook a couple of shots. You can see the difference while shuffling through the shots where the ones where the background is less gray seem to look a bit more... lively! Technology! The balance is still a bit off but its a process.

    3. Much nicer!!!! Great job on these guys! Did you pretty much back every model?

    4. Thanks for the feedback Greg! Yeah... actually I did back every model in the ks... with enough duplication to make the alternate builds as well. I had already acquired almost the entire RH catalog so was really confident that they would deliver and that it would be amazing!