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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

All the Raging Heroes Mascots, a Tabletop World Coaching Inn and Batch 2 of Mad Nurses and Lulus... whew!

The random Tabletop World 'Building of the Week" for this week is the Coaching Inn.

This is a great model and, like all the TTW stuff I've seen to date, completely clean and pre-fitted.  I really love these guys!

 I'm going to have to build an actual light box... sigh... The bigger models just overflow my little white space!

In keeping with the rest of the village there is the signature 'warm glow' from the windows although I changed the interior windows to be a cool blue color... hopefully the village doesn't appear to be burning down when viewed from inside now!

An interesting design choice... there appears to be no access to the second floor room unless you are Zorro or a cat burglar!  For ease of use I don't miss the interior stair as they occupy a LOT of space and are essentially useless in terms of model placement... I approve!
 The Inn is a bit run down so I went with sun bleached red for the roof.  A Vallejo brown base, a wash of Secret Weapon Red Black, and a Highlight brush of Vallejo Sunny Flesh.

Whitewash walls began as GW Deneb Stone Foundation paint and worked up through the Reaper master Series Bone Triad.
 The railing is Vallejo Gun metal Gray with GW Ryza Rust and Typhus Corrosion.  While assembling the rail I was startled by a sudden noise and broke the thing into several pieces... as the place is a bit run down I left the repair in a haphazard condition.

 Here we have Bernadette for scale... I can see that the more extensive... and elevated basing is an issue!  For the Mordheim stuff I'll have to keep the bases to a lower profile.

The interior of the ground floor is well layed out and playable... thanks in part to the absence of what would have been a pesky stair to the upper level!
 Raging Heroes... all the Mascots!

 Harry the Hippo!  These are carting cans of.... Mountain Dew!?

I figure its that or Jolt... the nod to beer comes from the pink hippo... or Harry the Way One-Shot Blondie sees him...

Charlie!  I did two takes of the same basic idea... one was a work up of the Reaper Autumn Gold Triad and one was a straight wash of iron oxide over white... much faster of course but not terrible in the end.
 Jinx in all her Secret Weapon glory... A Blue-Black version and a Ruby version.  One over Black and One over white primer. 
 ... and lastly batch 2 of the Lulus and Mad Nurse Burnadette!

I had a small accident with the remaining Lulus and catapulted them across the room... I've mostly recovered them but ... one tiny arm turned up missing...  May have to sculpt another... ouch!


  1. The buildings...the builds are amazing. IT looks like you just yanked them out of a fantasy world. Expertly painted there! Very impressive!

    And more raging heroes! Man I can't wait till you start getting into all the infantry models! These guys look great already! A whole army like this? Wow.

    1. Thanks Greg! The buildings are really exciting projects because I can just get right to what I want to do... Paint! There is essentially zero time between visualization and realization.. zoom zoom!

      I'm anxious to get into the regular troops from RH! I'm a bulk army painter at heart so the personalities seem kind of unsupported all on their lonesome! I'd really liked to have been able to do them all together for cohesion...since I can't seems to wait for the regulars though I'll continue peck at what I've currently got... next up... Mimi the Radio! Luvs me sum support folks!