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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Forge World Great Unclean One Step by Step

The last of the Contagion Salvage Project group that I picked up second hand a few months back.  I've been coveting this model for years and just never worked it into my purchase plan.  I thought I'd do a walk through of how this guy painted up.

For the initial color blocks I painted all the flesh areas with Vallejo medium Flesh and dry brushed with Vallejo Flat Flesh.  The sores, tongue, and open wound areas were base coated with Vallejo Rosa and highlighted with Vallejo Salmon Rose.  I used GW leviathan Purple inside the mouth to vary it a bit and add depth to the gullet. The gums got a glaze of Vallejo Salmon Rose highlights to tease them out a bit.

 The wounds were then treated with a Dried Blood Wash from Secret Weapon then layer highlighted with Vallejo Rosa and Salmon Rose.

 The Skin was more complex.  It was washed with a different color by skin texture,  Warty Patches had Secret Weapon Sewer Water and normal to shredded skin with Secret Weapon Flesh.  Once these were dry upper areas of normal skin were highlighted with Forge World ash powder, crevices with Forge World Medium Earth Powder and green shadows with Forge World Light Green Powder.  These areas were then damp set and the extended shadow areas had GW Ogryn Flesh Wash applied to for blending.

 The Horns and nails were a work up of the Reaper Master Series Khaki triad with a final highlight of P3 Menoth Highlight.

 The sword was also done at this point getting the standard "Blighted Weapon" treatment that the rest of the Contagion has.  Basically Vallejo Brown stippled with the Reaper master Series fire triad.  Some Vallejo Flames of war German Camo brown and German Light Camo Brown with a wash of GW Gryphon Sepia saw off the leather bits.

A little Green Stuff to texture the base to match the rest of the Project painted in reds from the Reaper Master Series Blood and Fire triads and some Secret Weapon Red/Black and Drying Blood layered washes gives the guy some contrast. 

I went with a chariot base for the time being in part because it'll work out for fantasy battle (although really a 100mm square is more appropriate) and mostly because it'll pack easier for the big move back to the states.  I'll likely magnetize the thing and have a fantasy and 40 style base to swap out as needed. 

 I sprayed the whole thing with Army Painter Anti Shine Varnish at this point (the green stuff based figure above) and the spot varnished the eyes, sores, mouth, and red areas with Vallejo Gloss Varnish.

The figure was a lot of fun to paint and should make a suitably disgusting centerpiece for the Contagion or for a Daemon Host.


  1. Damn Vallejo paints. As a GW purist, what alternatives to your alternatives do you recommend? ;)

    1. Hi! I hadn't realized just how few GW paints I used on this project until I reread the post! I did not transition to the new system and am not familiar with the current range of GW colors (other than the technicals which I am currently experimenting with, and the Foundation Paints that I use fairly routinely)... that said... I could suggest a list of GW colors that I would have used if that is any help.

      These days I seem to be trending towards Reaper Master Series Paint, Secret Weapon Washes, and Vallejo for Flesh (They have an outstanding Flesh set). GW paint is good but I've had a lot of trouble with the pot lids and GW has the highest death due to 'drying out in the closed pot' rate of my whole collection. You may have noticed the bottle of 'Rustungs Farbe' (its branded 'Fantasy Forest' for the Game Shop I bought it from in Mannheim Germany and is manufactured by Gamescience... I think)... its been in regular use since 1995!

      Basically prime black and wet brush the whole thing Bronzed Flesh and dry-brush Elf Flesh.
      Mix Scab Red and Lahmian Medium to make a wash for all the sores and guts. Glaze Highlight the guts adding Skull White to get the dull pink add white again and spot highlight... same for the tongue and gums.

      The skin washes are the trickiest part as they have to be wet blended. I used a large brush and covered the whole skin surface with the different color washes before they dried to avoid stains or tidal marks. I used Secret Weapon washes for most of that just having pools of both on the palette so I wouldn't lose time swapping between them. The Sewer Water is a little greenish while the flesh is like Sepia with a little more red... I'd probably opt for the Seraphim Sepia where I used flesh and a mix of the Devlan Mud and a bit of Thrakka Green for the Sewer Water. Wet Blend the transition zones before any of the washes dry. At the end the FW powders and GW Ogryn Flesh should tie it all together.

      The 'Blight Weapon' could be done with a base of Bestial Brown stippled with Vermin Brown and the New Ryza Rust.... or Mecharius Solar Orange.

      Anyway... hope those alternatives to my alternatives are useful!