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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Avatars of War Trolls!

Avatars of War has made some really great models over the years and these trolls are no exception!

Their .stl files print well, came presupported and gave my fussy machines little problem.

I elected to do three trolls with great weapon in blue to be used as Stone Trolls.

These were done quickly using the zenithal primer method followed by a basecoat of Blue Black wash (Secret Weapon). Colors were blocked in and the whole model washed with Soft Tone ink (Army Painter) 

Blue highlights are Deep Sky Blue (Vallejo Model Color).

Whites are the Reaper Bone Triad.

Metals are Engine Metal (SW) brushed up with Chrome (Vallejo Model Air)
Browns began as Heartwood Brown (Reaper)

The same process was used on the six common trolls except the base wash was Sewer Water (SW).

Vomit is Hexwraith Green (Citadel) brush up is Reaper Copper Verdigris.

Glass bottles are Copper Verdigris with shading from Hexwraith Green 
Reds are Maroon Red (Reaper) highlights Neo Burnt Red (SW).

Greys are Stone Gray (Reaper) brush up Misty Gray (Reaper).

Brassy metals are Brass Casings (SW) Flesh Wash (SW) brush up Chrome.

Bases were previously addressed and were printed in clear resin to to get the translucent effect on the crystals.

Everthing was sealed Dead Flat (Rustoleum) then crystals, eyes, glass, blood, tongues, and gems were spot varnished with Gloss Varnish (Vallejo).

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Destroyed Ford F-30 LRDG with Bofors 37mm (UK, WW2)

 3D printed destroyed vehicle for WW2 games in 28mm. Plant based gray elegoo resin.

Sprayed camo tan Krylon paint and primer combo. Washed with Secret Weapon (SW) Dark Sepia brushed up and touch ups SW light Dust. Weathering with Forge World (FW) weathering powder Black Soot. Edge highlights for damages SW Engine Metal. Ground cover Army Painter (AP) Highland Tufts and Lowland Shrubs.

A few other projects on the desk. Notably a WW2 german Sd.Kfz.9 from the same file collection. Its really illustrative in terms of how massive that vehicle really was compared to other vehicles in its class. 

Also appearing are a couple of “nearly dones” from the Junkfort, some fishing boats and a small ship for use with Blood and Plunder and general Roleplaying games.

Back to the grind!

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Junkfort and color

 Adding some color to the Junkfort today. Initially I did a heavy rust weathering but it was a bit too monochrome. Adding in some colors to add some visual depth and make the barricades more interesting.

The corrugated panels could be a lot of colors and even different materials like metal or fiberglass so there is a lot of potential there. I’m wrestling with colors for the recliners and sofas since there is already a lot of earthtones.

Back to the desk!

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Junkfort Project

Sticking with the post-apocalypse theme I’ve been working on the Junkfort. These are printed on an Anycubic Kobra Max FDM machine and I’ve had some trouble dialing it in. Its quite temperamental to date and I’ve been spending more time rebuilding the hot end than printing with it. The files come from Rampage and they are full of very atmospheric details.

This is turning out to be a weathering exercise. In the main I used Secret Weapon acrylics and washes with the notable exception of white where I used Reaper Bone Triad… and, of course black which was Craft Smart.

More of this on the desk as well as wrapping up some ships for Blood and plunder. Otherwise I’ve been focusing on the resin printers doing base toppers and a bunch of Avatars of War trolls and goblins. I may also turn the printers off for a bit and focus on getting through the enormous pile of Kingdom Death that just got even bigger with the arrival of the Gambler’s Chest expansion.

Back to the brushes!


Thursday, April 28, 2022

Fallout APC 3D Print

I really like the retro-futurism of the Fallout series. I was super excited when Modiphius made the APC available as a printable model so here it is!

Printed on the Anycubic Photon Mono X in Anycubic Basic Black Resin.

Base coats were Krylon Camo Green and Camo Tan. Secret Weapon (SW) Dark Sepia Wash for the inside and used as a liner on the outside. Wheels are Tire Black (SW). Here we see a Character from Mantic Games Star Saga for scale.
The model is detailed with an optional troop compartment. If you don't want to open the thing up there is no need to print the interior compartment.  Play Mat is from Antenociti's Workshop's Designed for Infinity range.
Tabletop view of mantic troopers deploying from the APC to deal with some basic Plague. A-Z Mart is from Antenociti's Workshop Survival range of MDF buildings.
Birds eye view. I'm super happy with the design of the APC. As its a file I'm likely to print a bunch in various states of wrecked for post Apoc scenery as well as a few more working models to supplement my Jailbird convoys... and, of course, to use for Fallout!

Back to the desk!

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Atlantis Miniatures Wood Elf Warband part 2

Wrapping up the Wood Elf Warband from Atlantis Miniatures.

The Panther Warlord with a small bear companion.  The Warband continues with male and female versions for every role except the druid.

Continuing with the signature aqua partial cloaks and family group hair colors.

The female cavalry are on Golden Hinds which I thought of as a kind of golden elven type of deer rather than a more natural tan base color.  To that end the color is achieved with Iron Oxide over white and white blazes and other markings via Graveyard Bone and Splintered Bone from the Reaper Bone Triad.

The make up the light cavalry or mounted scout element.

The male riders on Golden Stags to serve in the heavy cavalry and shock role leveraging the massive antlers for additional impact.

The Elk Warlord is the warband's penultimate leader on a truly massive mount with a bird of prey as a personal companion. I went with a dark scheme to contrast the golden mounts of the balance of the warband and make this one even more obviously a centerpiece.
There is also an Elf Prince on foot with bird of prey and a wolf guide. Both the Elf Prince and the Elk Warlord are sporting Dragonbone shields as house/family heirlooms.

These models were great fun to paint and lent themselves to the creation of individual stories.

Back to the desk! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Atlantis Miniatures: Wood Elf Warband


Atlantis Miniatures take on the wood elves is deliciously feral. Cast in a very high quality resin they are easy to handle, finely featured, require little or no clean up and take paint well. 

They are not your happy woodland tribe full of song and drink... oh no!...they are the wrath of the wood and are festooned with horns, bones, and living companion creatures.

I've imagined this as a Kinband that share a lot of common features.  The red, blond, and sandy hair for example. 

All of them share the mystical green/blue elven cloak and most have a skull attached at the waist, often with belts or strings of red beads.

There seems to be a correlation between the presence, and size, of antler like horns and the social status of the individual.

These first two are typical of the offering which usually has a male and a female version of each type of character. Here we see two Spell Caster/Wizard types.

I've further imagined this group to be travelling in a swamp so the bases are water soaked with stones and dead trees dominating the theme.

The set included a couple of scenic bases for specific models and a generous amount of scenic scatter like mushrooms, stumps, roots, and small animals. The remaining features were quick sculpts of greenstuff. The result was an entire warband with unique, but coherently themed, bases. It was a good approach and a nice alternative to the usual limitations of commercial base sets where there would be between 5 and 10 unique bases that would have to be repeated in various aspects throughout the project.

Here are two Assassins/Scouts, again in male and female versions. 


The druid is the only model that does not seem to have a female version.

These elves are obviously Hunters and use a lot of animal components in their wardrobe.

Below are grouped by weapon type. The warband has Bow, Spear, Pole arm, and Sword represented.


Many of the cloaks have complex embossed symbols.

The Elf Princess and her Guard all with a type of Polearm.

The Princess is differentiated by her blue cloak but she retains the mystic green hooded robe. The Princess and the Prince lead their family's infantry in its grim task.

As for infantry... all that remains is the Prince, and a small group of spear.  The rest of the warband is the cavalry lead by male and female Warlords.